Snow Site Supervisor - $200

The job

We are seeking a passionate take-charge individual who can ensure job site assignments are done correctly and in a timely manner. The candidate for this supervisory position must be available at any hour, during any day, between October 30 and the last snowstorm of the season. Shifts vary depending on the size of the storm, and can be anywhere from 6-hours long, to more than 12-hours. The candidate must be willing and motivated to continue on despite potential long shifts.

Snow site supervisors oversee crews during and after storms. They will guide crew members through the necessary details and will coordinate and communicate with snow commanders during storms. Site supervisors are responsible for equipment on site and must ensure all necessary equipment is prepared and maintained using Xtreme Snow Pros’ internal system. Performing basic repairs (tire changes and jump starts) on equipment is an essential part of this supervisor position, but in-house mechanics will see to all major repairs.

Site supervisors are expected to communicate with employees the night before a storm using our two-way communication tools, and they are responsible for ensuring all site work is complete before crews leave. Any areas missed will be left to the site supervisor to touch up.



The ideal candidate

  • Train employees on site and show them their job sites
  • Manage the software program during storms
  • Ensure your crew meets Xtreme Snow Pros’ quality standard
  • Monitor weather
  • See to all client relations matters, such as having worksite paperwork signed off on
  • Enforce safety operating procedures along with our points system
  • Manage personalities of all crew members
  • Establish a working relationship with the mechanic for repairs via our software program
  • You must be present at each weather event throughout the entire winter season
  • Attend our exclusive online training course at Xtreme University and pass it with at least a 90 percent
  • Take your crew for onsite training this fall
  • Participate in our field training day
  • Have a clean driving record


Team X wants to hear from you.

Team X wants to hear from you.