TeamX Referral Program

We’re growing and would like your help to recruit new snow fighters to our team. We’re seeking qualified team members for the following positions; plow truck drivers, site supervisors, ice control specialists, wheel loader operators, agricultural tractor operators, skid steer specialists, Ventrac specialists, and Snowrator specialists. If you know someone who is interested in making some money during the winter, you can reap the rewards with just a couple minutes of effort.


Refer a Snow Fighter to earn Easy Money!

Each & Every Referral is worth $200!

Every time you send us an eligible referral that is hired for a seasonal position, you will be rewarded with $50.00 for the first storm and $150 at end of season. This is for all positions except for shovelers.

You have the opportunity to make up to $200 dollars/per referral this season for simply giving us a dedicated snow fighter’s name and phone number! It’s that simple!



There’s no limit to the number of snow fighter’s that you can refer. Referral must make every event (allowed to miss 1). We are always hiring the right people.


Interested?  Refer now!


The spirit of this agreement is to gain TeamX Members and for you to be compensated for helping in this process. If there are any anomalies that occur during the status of your referral, our HR team will get together with the Team Leader to problem solve the issue in a reasonable fashion. We can’t help unless we’re aware of your concerns so please commit to keeping us in the loop.

  • If an applicant has already applied to the company, the referring agent will not be able to register the referral. However, we will ask each applicant how they learned about our company; if they mention your name at this point, you will receive credit for that applicant.

  • All field workers qualify for this program.

  • Referrals for former and/or temporary workers, are not eligible.

  • The referring agent who referred the individual must agree to have his or her name used in the introduction to this program.

  • The initial Referral Reward will be distributed 3-5 business days after your referral’s first day of work.

  • The end of the season Referral Reward is only given if the referral made works the entire season per their agreement

  • All referrals must be submitted through our online referral program or called into the HR Moderator who will register the candidate’s information into the system.

  • All candidates will be processed and contacted within 72 hours.

  • No one candidate will be given preferential treatment over another.

  • All information regarding the hiring decisions will remain strictly confidential.

  • Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be handled through HR.

  • Any discrepancies must be brought up as soon as possible and in no event after 30 days that it was known.

  • Only one referral reward can be given per candidate. If a candidate is referred by more than one person, the first referral received will be the one rewarded if the candidate is hired.

  • Remember that all of our team members need a driver’s license, proof of insurance, and their own means of transportation.