Year Started at Xtreme Snow Pros: 2017

JOE’S Role and Responsibilities:

As the Business Developer, Joseph is responsible to continue our growth in sales by exploring various opportunities to acquire new customers and promoting our company. Along with Chris, our Chief Visionary, he is continuously finding new ways to expand on and build up our 3 brands by delivering the best of services and products to our ever growing clientele.


Background and Accomplishments:

He holds certificates for ASCA and ASM SIMA (Snow & Ice Management). Joseph is also, a New York State Notary of the Public and has received several awards for sales and management. Also serving for five years as treasurer to Operation Homefront for our troops while they are abroad.


Professional Goals:

Joseph would like to continue to grow with the company while helping the company continue to expand and be successful!


Personal Goals:

He would like to see his family continue to grow and live a life that is comfortable and healthy holding true to his values.



Joseph enjoys softball and golf, both of which he plays when he isn’t out and about participating in fun-filled activities with his amazing children.