Call Outs/Prior to Storm

Step 1

  • We will send out an email alert to put you on notice up to 3 days in advance of a predicted weather event. Due to the unpredictable nature of weather, if a weather event pulls in without notice, we may be forced into a last minute call out without any advanced notification. Notification for call outs will be sent through When I Work scheduling software and Voxer.

  • Pay attention to your email.

  • If you are not able to work, you must click the link that is included in the first storm notification email.

Step 2

  • The night before a storm, you will be notified via When I Work. The notification will arrive via your mobile phone and email and include the projected time you are expected to start. Once you get the notification, you must go into the When I Work app and accept the shift. Your acceptance of the shift is mandatory and will notify us that you are aware of the shift and ready to work.

Level of Service

Xtreme Snow Pros offers clients the ability to choose the level of service depending on their needs.

We offer three packages: Xtreme Zero Tolerance, Xtreme Gold Package and Xtreme Silver Package.

The client determines the amount of snow management that is required and we provide the proper service. It’s important that all team members understand what is included in each package.

Communication Procedures

  • Speak clearly.

  • Get right to the point. During a weather event time is precious.

  • Do not use Voxer or CB as an outlet for entertainment. They are to be used for work purposes only.


  • Keep the volume up as high as possible so you can easily hear all communication.

  • Check your Voxer and/or CB frequently to make sure you did not miss any messages.

  • Always keep your phone on you, even when you exit the vehicle.

  • Your first point of contact is your snow commander for any questions, concerns or problems.

Forms List

Property Damage Form

Ice Melt Replenishment

Site Damage

Industry Standards