Year Started at Xtreme Snow Pros: 2009

Chris’ Role and Responsibilities:

As Chief Visionary, Chris is responsible for it all! He is constantly looking to the future, always on the next step into creating the most innovative company. He shares his vision and plans for the future with his TeamX so we can all look toward the challenge he sets forth to providing the best quality service and technological advances in the Snow & Ice industry.


Background and Accomplishments:

Chris holds certificates by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) and Advanced Snow Manager SIMA (ASM).


Professional Goals:

Chris is looking forward to expanding Xtreme Snow Pros into the whole Mid Atlantic and Northeast regions.


Personal Goals:

He would like to travel from the bottom of Alaska to the Prudhoe Bay with his older children on an Xtreme Expedition.



Chris enjoys everything snow and his family!