Snow Boot Camp: Introducing TeamX to Present and New Equipment


We have a variety of equipment pieces here at Xtreme Snow Pros. It’s a necessity if we want to be fully prepared to answer every call and beckon from our commercial clients when the wintery weather comes in. From ice and hail storms to wet sleet and mountains of snow, there are a variety of winter weather conditions we have to respond to for close to 7-months out of the year. In order to be effective, we have a fleet of equipment that covers parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, and more.

As a result, we require our team members to be adept in all of our equipment offerings, ensuring they understand the difference and when to leverage each piece of equipment for different scenarios. We want our TeamX members to be autonomous, which brings us to the next portion of our summer Snow Boot Camp: present and new equipment.

Equipment Training

We include a two-part training when it comes to our equipment: that of the classroom and that of the field. We kick off our large equipment training in the classroom, where we begin absolutely everything we do here at Xtreme Snow Pros.

We require TeamX members to sit through training sessions in which we go over our tech apps, the mechanics of each machine, how to address small repairs, and proper usage of the equipment. Once the classroom sessions complete, it’s time to take it out into the field.

During our hands-on training, we require everyone to demonstrate:

Operation: We own many pieces of equipment to get the job done; tractors, loaders, and skid steers, that provide very different services for our clients. During these training days, we require everyone to take turns on each machine, demonstrating they know how to operate each machine properly when the pressure is on. We cater to everyone’s strengths as management and supervisors teams are performing assessment tests as each TeamX member is training so each person may be assigned to the piece of equipment they have the most knowledge and comfortability with. Utilizing mulch in place of snow provides them with a real hands-on training experience, so they may get the feel and understanding of the equipments vital operation.

Management Ability: Lastly, we assess overall management ability. We ensure our team members are able to operate the machines safely, while also making smart calls and on-the-go tune-ups if something goes wrong out in the field.

We do all of this during the summer and fall months, ensuring our team members are trained and ready to go for when the Northeastern winter hits us faster than we typically expect. We’re happy to see Winter 2017.18 finally dissipate, but as we all know, Winter 2018.19 will be here before we know it.

Snow Boot Camp: Plow Truck Field Day Training


One of the more common, yet crucial, pieces of equipment for a winter and ice removal company is the plow truck/salter. Without plow trucks, we wouldn’t be able to promise safety conditions to our clients when it comes to the brutal Northeastern blizzards. That’s why we devote an entire portion of our Snow Boot Camp training to plow truck/salter operation alone: they can make or break our business.

Plow trucks can be complex pieces of machinery, which is why we want to ensure every member of our team has an adept understanding of how to operate and manage a plow truck and its components. We want them to subconsciously dream about the plow trucks when they leave for the day and go home at night. We need every member of the team to know a plow truck like the back of their hand, which is why we start training them in the operation of the trucks during the off-season months.

Plow Truck Field Days

We provide classroom training, as well as hands-on training, for our plow truck fleet. During our Snow Boot Camp plow truck field days, we cover:

Overview: We go over the mechanics of the plow trucks in a classroom setting, covering the details that everyone needs to understand in case of a quick tune up or fix out in the field. While managing properties, if something goes wrong, we want TeamX to be able to fix it without having to call back to base.

Operation: In the classroom, we go over the operation manual. However, we then take the team out into the field, inside the plow trucks, for days on end until everyone feels confident in their ability to operate the machinery.

Salter and Brine Trucks: Beyond the plow, we also cover the mechanics of the salter, and how to salt properly without destroying the environment and properties in the process.

Skidsteer: Next, we cover the tools that load the trucks with salt, etc. so each TeamX member can effectively manage their own fleet without any oversight or management.

We don’t believe in micromanaging here. That’s why we invest in every single one of our employees from the get-go. By understanding every component of the snow plow, these individuals can respond to calls and requests without requiring extra back-up.

We use the off-season months to our advantage, acquainting everyone with everything they need to know about salting, plowing, fine tuning, etc. That way, no one is under pressure of the snowfall and can take their time exploring our top quality equipment. We pair education with hands-on training for the most effective results, requiring new hires to undergo rigorous boot camps so they are brought up to speed.

That’s how we do business here at Xtreme Snow Pros.

Snow Boot Camp: Field Day for Sidewalk Equipment Introduction


When the wintry snow is pounding the pavement, we have no time to acquaint ourselves with our machines. By then, it’s too late. Everyone knows the panic that sets in when a blizzard overcomes our communities, and we are looked to as a company that’s supposed to assuage the panic while providing steadfast commitment and support.

That’s why, as part of our Snow Boot Camp, we require team members to acquaint themselves with equipment, out in the field, before the winter sets in. During these next months, that’s exactly what we’ll do, substituting mulch for snow to simulate the impending wintry conditions.

Field Day

We kick off our field day training with educational classroom sessions. First and foremost, we make sure all TeamX members have downloaded the tech apps we use to coordinate properties and winter weather clearing services. During these classroom sessions, we go over basic practices and implementation of the apps with new hires, ensuring they have a total understanding of the technology.

Once the classroom portion is complete, it’s time to go out into the field. We go out into our property yard for hands-on training: which is the most important part of the training. First, we cover the sidewalk equipment, like ventracs and snowrators, going over how to operate it safely on any sidewalk.

Next, we cover:

Shovels/Shoveling: A lot more goes into shoveling than you might think. We go over proper shoveling practices, how to shovel, and what types of shovels to use with different kinds of snow.

Snowblowers: We have two different kinds of snowblowers here, requiring our staff to practice using them in a safe way.

Safety First: We require hires to demonstrate they know how to use all of the equipment safely, from start to finish, during these field day trainings.

For individuals that can’t make it to all of the classes, we offer two makeup sessions in the fall. It’s critical that our team undergo this rigorous training, both inside and outside the classroom, to be on par with the rest of us during the trying winter months. We use these off season months as times to catch up with everything else, training our team and onboarding new members, so we’re able to function as one well-oiled machine when the winter winds blow at our backdoors.

We look forward to another successful season of field day training with our esteemed TeamX.

Xtreme Snow Pros Announces New NJ Location


Constantly working to fortify and expand current service offerings and options, Xtreme Snow Pros is not a company that remains complacent or static. That’s why, officially this week, the company announced a brand new location in New Jersey, able to accommodate their growing service demand and clientele. Servicing the greater New York City and New Jersey regions, the company felt a New Jersey base made sense for easy access in and out of the city – especially when road conditions become questionable.

The new location will officially be at: 99 Marshall Hill Road in West Milford, New Jersey. During the coming summer months, the company will be moving their headquarters to this new location, which is a larger and more fortified improvement than their previous headquarters. With the new square footage, they will be able to house more equipment and snow clearing infrastructure that is required to keep client properties safe and protected during the trying winter months.

Xtreme Snow Pros Expanded Offerings

It requires a lot of space to offer the suite of services that Xtreme Snow Pros makes available to clients today, which is why the team looked long and hard to find a location that they felt was just right. With the new space, they will be expanding their most popular services, including: state-of-the-art equipment and advanced products for snow and ice removal, remote webcams to monitor live weather conditions, equipment and treatment storage for the different services offering, anti-icing liquid storage, snow-fighting equipment storage, and other requirements that are increasing with the expanding clientele.

Going above and beyond the norm, Xtreme Snow Pros sends storm alerts to clients through a personalized dashboard, repairs grass and other proxy damage from the winter season, and uses environmentally friendly materials with reduced salt to support the surrounding ecosystems today.

Most passionate about clients and their safety today, Xtreme Snow Pros curate services that not only protects and fortifies locations, but also promotes longevity and success in that operation. Despite the warm summer weather ahead, now is the perfect time to consider onboarding a new snow and ice clearing company for the 2018.19 winter season.

Snow Boot Camp: Site Supervisors TeamX Training


Tailored to our site supervisors – the individuals leading the charge and acting as the point of reference out in the field – we provide a site supervisors TeamX training as part of our Snow Boot Camp. These are the people that call the shots when the going gets tough, and they need to be able to make the right decisions without a lot of back-and-forths. That’s why we put extra attention into our leaders: they set the example for the rest of TeamX to follow. It’s an example that should be reflective of our company culture and values.

Site Supervisor Training Events

We start our site supervisor training with classroom sessions that cover the educational and informational elements of the job. We go over their responsibilities and most importantly, how to be safe and keep properties safe while they’re leading the charge.

During these classroom sessions, we cover:

Expectations: Site supervisors are expected to perform at their best. They are the seasoned veterans that are returning back for more winters, already aware of what they have signed up for. As leaders, they have additional responsibilities that we carefully communicate to them.

Safety: Leaders on site need to be the point of reference for safety. There’s no way around it. They need to eat, breathe, and sleep staff and client safety satisfaction, which is what we carefully train them in.

New Equipment: Next, we go over new equipment purchased, its specifications, and its features. We take the supervisors in person to go experience the equipment, answering any questions so that they are able to operate it seamlessly when the time comes.

New Team Members: We require supervisors to be community leaders, bringing new staff together and creating a bond that translates into effective services.

Additionally, we expect site supervisors to go to all of our fall training classes, familiarizing themselves with the new staff members, as well as new protocol and expectations. We believe that our TeamX members can never receive enough educational training, which is why even our supervisors are required to go to the basic training sessions.

We place special emphasis on the team here at Xtreme Snow Pros, and the points of reference for our teams are our site supervisors. They are integral components of our successful equation, which is why we spend time training them during the off months. We never take a break from preparing for the winter ahead – even during the hot, steamy Northeastern summer months. That’s how we stay ahead of the competition.