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Xtreme Snow Pros Takes Part in West Milford Autumn Lights Festival

As a snow and ice clearing company that’s about more than just our services, we work hard to integrate ourselves into the incredible communities that we support today. Having just bought property in West Milford, we’ve been working hard to acquaint ourselves with the community members and really get to know the people and businesses that make up the backbone of the West Milford community.

Expanding our servicing area into a new region in 2018 has our team very excited, and we can’t wait to mingle even more with the West Milford community heading into the future.

The West Milford Autumn Lights Festival

This past October, our Xtreme Snow Pros team took part in the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival: 23rd Annual Celebration of West Milford. As a celebration that is very important to the community, and one that has been going on for 23-years, we were very excited to be part of the event and introduce our team, our values and our services to all those in attendance. Taking place from 10AM until 5PM on Saturday, October 14th, over 250 vendors, children’s entertainment companies, and rides were available to the friends and families at the celebration.

Starting at 10AM, the Character Parade, where children and parents paraded at the triangle starting at the Shoprite, presented kids and parents with the opportunity to sport their Halloween costumes. Princess Bella, Princess Poppy, Batman, Big Red Dog, and Blue Karate Turtle led the excursion, finishing just 1-hour later.

The Xtreme Snow Pros team took part in the daily festivities, bringing along their HET as well as several other pieces of equipment that they showcased and discussed with all interested viewers. Children were able to see the pieces up close and personal, spending time to learn about what our team does during the dangerous winter months. Working hard to network with everyone who stopped by, we had some awesome conversations with parents, students, and children thinking about going into a career of winter weather clearing and removal. To inspire that kind of excitement was really rewarding for our team.



Xtreme Snow Pros in 2018

As we head into the new year, we are planning to immerse ourselves in even more community activities, showing all of our clients that we are a transparent operation. We’d be nothing without the communities we serve, and we want to integrate our services and support into every local business that shows interest. Stay safe for the remainder of the 2018 winter, and consider what winter weather removal services can do for the longevity of your company

Chris Marino Tours Sidewalk Management Ventrac Factory in Ohio


There’s a lot that goes into our comprehensive winter weather management services, and one big part of that is our ability to keep sidewalks clean and clear during snow and ice storms. Clients are most likely to slip and fall on the sidewalks leading into buildings, which is where the costly personal injury lawsuits can come from. As a snow and ice management company, we do everything in our power to ensure a lawsuit never befalls our commercial clients.

As such, we are always traveling, reading, and learning about best practices that withstand the Northeast’s brutal winter weather.


Last week, our owner, Chris Marino, went out to the Ventrac’s Factory in Orrville, Ohio to take a factory tour and learn more about their sidewalk management equipment line. Planning to discuss sidewalk management practices, optimized equipment, and future inventions that will improve the entire industry.

Xtreme Snow Pros relies heavily on Ventrac’s equipment for sidewalk management today. Ventrac is a reliable, American-made producer that offers site preparation, lead management, material loading and moving, aeration, brush mowing, sidewalk snow management, tractor management, and slope mowing solutions. Notable product advantages include turf distance, American-made, comfort and controls, weight transfer, powerful finish, and reliability that can withstand winter after winter.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

Xtreme Snow Pros Commitment

We’re always preparing for the worst winter ever ahead, and that starts with understanding the equipment we own and how we can best prepare it for what lies ahead. Marino and other members of our executive team are constantly traveling to exhibitions, conferences, classes, and facilities to inspect the equipment we use and how it is officially assembled. Marino is on a mission to observe the entire assembly process from start to finish, as well as learn more about what truly goes into the development of sidewalk maintenance and management equipment.

A reliable snow and ice removal business is more than just a company with weather monitoring equipment. We need our product developers too for the most innovative snow fighting equipment designs.

Client Portal Advantages from Xtreme Snow Pros

As a company that is dedicated to your personal satisfaction when it comes to winter weather monitoring for your business or commercial location, we’re proud to offer a client portal for viewing live progress on all your properties in the palm of your hand. Through our advancing technology, we offer a digital portal that we are able to set your personal preferences for receiving updates as they come in throughout different winter weather conditions. We’re all about incorporating the latest technology available to us today, and we’ve done just that through our responsive, digital platform.

Priding ourselves on being completely transparent to our clientele, we offer the ability for monitoring of your sites through our client portal. Gone are the days where you may have to question if they actually did the work they say they did. Through this portal, you are able to see which one of your properties have already been serviced, which properties have not yet been visited and which sites are currently in progress. We then send our collected information and updates to you in the form of notifications for either email or mobile device. Or we can give you access to all of this information through a web browser that you may utilize at your convenience at any time to monitor your property’s status. It’s up to you, our client, to select how you would like to be kept informed on what is happening on all your locations during snow events.

Essentially, our clients are able to review the status of their properties right from their pockets. Our fleets are also equipped with this same technology, enabling us to assess weather conditions on the road and in real-time from our machines. Once we get to your site and complete our services, we provide pictures of the completion to your client portal. You are able to monitor, in real-time, our progress and the status of your property so you never have to worry about personal injury lawsuits or injured customers again.

Consider adding a layer of customized protection through technological infrastructure this winter. Consider our Xtreme Snow Pros support today.

Xtreme Snow Pros Leadership Team Attends This Year’s ‘Snow and Ice Show’ in Indianapolis

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA), a national snow contracting organization dedicated to providing accreditation, certification, and education to all North American snow and ice removal companies, this year teamed up with Snow Magazine to introduce the Snow and Ice Show, a new industry event that is focusing on education, certification, networking, and the latest snow-fighting tools for increased efficiency and profitability.

As part of their continued efforts to learn and know the latest ice and snow removal developments and standards as they occur, the Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team traveled to Indianapolis this past week to attend the 3-day event, kicking off on May 17 and wrapping up May 19. In attendance was Chris Marino, Owner, Glenn Kramer, Director of Operations, and Joe Capobianco, the Business Developer. The comprehensive conference provided opportunities for the Xtreme Snow Pros team to view the latest industry equipment, supplies, and ice management services for them to witness and consider implementing into the Xtreme Snow Pros management process.

The Snow and Ice Show was developed by the ASCA to fill a void in the snow and ice management market for ASCA in-classroom certification; industry-specific, high-quality educational programming; and elite peer-to-peer networking opportunities. The conference was focused on the modern principles of successful snow and ice management, how to reduce risk, insurance rates, and personal injuries that lead to expensive lawsuits. The gear featured catered to industry leaders who wish to become industry change agents.

As part of their participation in the event, the Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team sat in on daily presentations, exhibitions, and educational forums that shared new information regarding snow removal practices and what machinery is most appropriate given the weather conditions.

The Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team goes to multiple accreditation conferences per year to ensure their award-winning company stays atop the competition in New Jersey. Aware that industry standards are always changing and developing, the team constantly sits in on newly developed courses for consistently earning the latest certificates that prove their seriousness about winter weather management and removal.

Quality Matters When it Comes to Snow & Ice Management Services

You know the time-old saying, “You get what you pay for!” Though this saying isn’t always applicable to every kind of product or service out there, it is one that definitely holds true for snow management and ice removal services – especially in the active winter areas of New Jersey and New York. Snow removal isn’t a service that can be skimped on like waiting a week to have the lawn and weeds trimmed. Snow and ice removal present real, threatening dangers to both business owners and their clientele. It’s not something that can ever be taken lightly, which is why here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we want to stress the importance of quality snow management services during the taxing winter months.

Don't Fall for Cheap

Since there is element of personal safety and injury related to winter weather conditions, it is beyond important to not fall for cheap snow management services and scams out there today. Plenty of people in this world will do anything to make a buck, and leaving you and your property to personal injury lawsuits is not something that is worth it in the long run. Though you may be saving for the short-term, the second someone slips, falls, and breaks a hip on your sidewalk, that cheap bill just quadrupled into a yearlong legal nightmare.

Instead, go for the quality services. At Xtreme Snow Pros, they invest in you and your property, spending on the very highest quality equipment and snow clearing products out there today. Since they provide you with the best, your property will never experience wear-and-tear, damage, or a half-hearted clearing job that still lands you angry clients. Additionally, they’ve invested in real-time technology that helps monitor their staff while also giving clientele invaluable information about present and impending weather conditions. They make sure your property never goes without winter weather clearing throughout the entire winter season.

Experience Matters

This isn’t a business where newcomers are magically experts in the snow clearing business. After being around for close to 8+ years as a company, and over 30 plus years experience, they are still applying themselves by completing courses, and working toward accreditation to make their central team as knowledgeable as possible. There’s no easy way around it with this kind of service: experience matters.

Hiring a firm with experience means they are well versed in the ways of sleet, snow, ice, and a combo of the three. They’ve experienced the huge snow storms, wind storms, and hail storms that sometimes aren’t even predicted by the weathermen. Experienced firms, like Xtreme Snow Pros, even have their own meteorologists who have been around the block with Northeast winter weather. Experience is absolutely priceless, and it’s what will keep your property safe and cleared no matter what kind of storm befalls the area.

It’s tempting to save some funds and go for a cheaper service option that “appears” to have high-quality performance. But trust us; check out all of Xtreme Snow Pros testimonies, awards, and accreditation to prove that they truly know what they're doing during the Northeastern winter months.