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5 Reasons to Pick Xtreme Snow Pros Over Just Any Plow Company


Few businesses go above and beyond what is expected of them today. It’s natural to our human intentions to meet the bare minimum, doing just barely enough to stay in the game and retain our client base. That couldn’t be more different than how we view our service offerings and clients today, which is why you want to consider working with a company like ours – one that cares.

Here are 5 reasons to pick us over any ole’ company:

Technology: We are a technologically driven company, constantly learning about new tools and resources to expedite our services while providing heightened accuracy. Through our real-time winter weather monitoring tools, we’re able to report back on current conditions. Additionally, we are able to forecast winter weather, putting us ahead of the competition before the snow and ice has even arrived.

Dedication: We are obsessed with winter weather clearing. We want our clients to be safe and secure during the roughest months of the year, which is why we provide a customized 24-7 experience, opening us up to communication whenever required. We stay in constant contact with clients, providing updates on impending weather conditions before they make landfall.

Education: We’re never content with just knowing the industry standard. That’s why we attend dozens of expos, shows, events, and classes every single year, earning new accreditations to enhance our service offerings. We believe every great business is based on education and information, which is why our leadership team is constantly traveling to acquire newfound knowledge that sets us apart from the competition.

Eco-Friendly: We’re not another snow plow company that tears up the environment. We administer environmentally friendly de-icing liquids that treat the selected area without burning away grass and vegetation. Administering salt only when necessary, we don’t over-salt or destroy your property in the process. Through careful precision, we provide tailored services that are good for you and the environment.

Passionate: Overall, TeamX is the most passionate winter weather clearing team you could encounter out there. As a community that builds one another up, we work together to come up with solutions and quick responses that are right for you. It’s safe to say we’re as passionate as they get when it comes to the winter weather industry, and that’s how we like it.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can settle for the best? We don’t believe in coming in second place with anything that we do, and you shouldn’t either. Right now, although it’s the summer, we are already counting inventory, ordering new equipment, and training our team on practices and responses so they are prepared for the next winter. What other company does that?

Choose Xtreme Snow Pros today.


Xtreme Snow Pros 2017 Training Made the Snow 2017-2018 Season a Safe Success

Through the ice, salt, and snow, the most important part of our business is keeping everyone safe. That means our workers, our contractors, our clients, and their consumers. When snow is falling from the sky, and the winter wind blows strong and brutally, it can be hard to ensure absolutely everyone is safe and protected from what is to come. Those days can feel dark and hopeless, which is where our team comes into the picture. Winter weather doesn’t scare us; in fact, it motivates us to perform to our very best ability.

Everyone knows the Northeast winters can come out of nowhere. Never knowing when it’s going to start, it can go from being a crisp 57 degree fall day one day, to a blizzard the next. That’s why our team undergoes rigorous preparations 6-months prior to the next winter season. So yes, even though it’s hot and beautiful outside right now, that means our team is training for the 2019 winter season. We have no time to waste.

2017 Training

Reflecting on the winter we just had, it’s no secret that the 2017 to 2018 winter was one for the books. How were we able to stay on top of our game? By drawing on their comprehensive training we completed in 2017. Starting in May, we put TeamX through rigorous physical and mental training, preparing them for emergency situations that require quick responses and reflexes. We are difficult in who we permit to join TeamX, which is why during the summer months, we test out new employees to see who can make the cut.

Once TeamX is formed, we undergo hypothetical situations and simulated training, plus testing and education to ensure everyone is up to speed before the first frost is down. Consider the winter we just had, we were very grateful to have the team that we did, able to accommodate for the never ending barrage of snow, wind, and ice.

Safety First

We’re in business to keep our clients safe, which means expert winter weather clearing the moment snow starts to fall. Without our support, these clients are opened up to personal injury lawsuits – not to mention, the responsibility for real injuries. Safety is our main priority, which is what we are already covering in our 2018 training today.

Your safety comes first to us. If you feel like your past winter experience was anything but safe, it may be time to call in the winter weather clearing experts. We prioritize your personal health and safety, as well as the happiness and contentment of your consumers, making it a wise business investment for the longevity of your operation.

Consider hiring Xtreme Snow Pros today before the 2019 winter season creeps up on you.

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Xtreme Snow Pros Receive First Line of New Ventrac SSV Sidewalk Machines


We’re not happy unless we’re ahead of the pack, which means getting our hands on brand-new, never-before used sidewalk machines, straight out of the Ventrac Compact Tractors warehouse. We’ve been working with Ventrac for years, as a trusted provider of dependable and quality machinery we use to keep our clients and their properties safe. Uniquely superior, there isn’t any other tractor company out there that we would want to work with when it comes to these types of machines.

The Drop Off

Ventrac came by with their new line, red painted and squeaky clean, for a monumental drop-off at our New Jersey location. They even custom fitted our logo on the machines too! Working with Chris Marino and his input into what these new tractors should look like/offer users, we couldn’t believe our eyes when the finished product was brought to our doorstep. Four SSV Ventracs in total were delivered to us, with Chris happily in attendance, observing the finished product after months of collaboration between our entity and Ventrac. These four tractors were the first ones from their new line, which will now be made available to other interested patrons.

During the drop-off, a YouTube video was recorded, documenting Ventrac and Chris, as well as the drop-off and the features of the brand new machines. The YouTube video was recorded for their site, and will be used to highlight the kind of service and support they can provide winter weather clearing companies and entities today.

Our Commitment

We want to thank Ventrac for working hard alongside our company, always striving to achieve perfection. That is certainly the standard that we live up to as an operation, and we couldn’t make it possible without the companies that innovate and design the products we leverage and master on behalf of our clients. Winter weather is no joke, and we want to keep our clients’ commercial properties as safe and properly managed as possible.

Although the winter season is (hopefully) coming to an end, we are a year-round operation, constantly designing new services, stocking up on top performance equipment, and collaborating for new inventions that will help us make winters as navigable as possible for our clients.


Xtreme Snow Pros Adds Additional Machines to Meet Mounting Client Demand


It’s no secret that the 2018 winter season has been a fun but a rough one too. It could potentially go on for another month, but reflecting on the last 5-months, it has been a winter that many will forever remember. As the winter weather, snow, ice, and other dangerous materials fell from the sky, more and more business owners reached out to us, looking for our commercial property support. Personal injury lawsuits can break a business, and we work to ensure that everyone is happy and safe on commercial properties, starting with our proprietary winter weather clearing services and of course, machines.

In order to keep up with the mounting demand, we proudly added new machines to our Xtreme Snow Pros fleet this winter. We are firm believers in owning our own equipment, running everything ourselves, in-house, to ensure our 24-7 commitment and support is guaranteed without having to rely on some other company. We don’t rent our equipment. We go out and buy it, managing every part and inspecting the machines weekly to ensure they will perform when performance really counts.

JCB Loaders

To answer the call, our team bought a large amount of JCB loaders, both of the medium and large duty sizes, to help cover every property in our service region. JCB even flew our owner, Chris Marino, down to look at the machines in person, analyzing if they were the right fit for our fleet. Chris was able to work with JCB, collaborate, and really mull over options before the right machines were selected.

JCB has been an incredible company to work with, always showing their support for our operation and supplying us with top quality equipment that will never falter or succumb to the intimidating winter weather. We have purchased dozens of machines from their operation over the past few years, and intend to do so during the coming years.

Chris proudly brought back our new JCBs to rev up our offerings and expand our clientele. It can be hard to predict what kind of winter lies ahead, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Although you might be tired of the cold, sleet, wind, and snow, it can come out of left field and leave everyone off guard. We take care of your commercial property so you can focus on what really counts: running your business and improving revenue. One of the best ways to do that is to circumvent personal injury lawsuits, which is what we can guarantee with our 24-7 winter clearing support and technological infrastructure that gives us live updates of wintry conditions.

Our team is here to support you.


Pay More for Services and Less for Risk with Commercial Snow Contractors

We’ve all heard the classic statement, “You get what you pay for!” It still holds true today for a lot of services and products – if not all of them. The problem is that though this common sense saying pretty much says it all when it comes to management, many business owners still try to cut corners to save pennies. Commercial winter weather snow and ice removal is not something you want to skimp out on.

It’s one thing to tell your lawn mower to skip one week since the rain forecast is a bit dry. It’s another to hire a cheap and inexperienced winter weather company that doesn't effectively remove and prevent snow and ice. The result in the latter case is a decrease in business, an increase in risks for personal lawsuit injury cases, and of course, the contribution to someone getting hurt. It’s just not an option to go for cheap, and here are Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re here to tell you why.

Poor Customer Service

Snow isn’t something that can be partially cleared and left alone for the remainder of the storm. Snow is its own demon and can consume your entire property, making it impossible for patrons to stop by and come in. With this kind of obstacle, your customers will pass you by and invest in the next company down the road with cleared streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. No one wants to trudge through the snow.

Plus, with expert 24-7 snow and ice removal services, customers will recognize that you run a serious, lucrative operation. If you present your customers with a top-notch facility, they’ll be more likely to invest in your services and consider you a top talent.

More Injuries 

We’ve all fallen on the ice or snow. Depending on where and when it’s not a pleasant experience. Thousands of people break hips, knees, backs, and other painful places every year when they slip on the ice. The problem is that if it happens on your commercial property, people have grounds for a lawsuit. In this situation, you’ll be mighty sorry you passed up high-quality snow and ice removal services for a multi-thousand-dollar lawsuit.

And of course, who wants their loyal patrons getting hurt? It’s not a good look for them or for you.

You Get What You Pay For

Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we have expertly curated technology that gives us real-time feedback regarding impending weather, as well as monitoring of physical locations. Through our salt, liquid ice melting products, and high-quality machinery, we’re able to keep our client’s properties in pristine condition through the toughest blizzards. With us, you most certainly get what you pay for: top-notch award-winning services you won’t ever have to worry about.

“It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting alot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.” - John Ruskin