Xtreme Zero Tolerance

The Real Reason Why Xtreme Snow Pros Picks Custom Packages for Each Client

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to winter weather prevention and snow/ice removal today. Customization is the only way to approach each and every one of our clients, adhering to their unique requirements, property sizes and configurations, and clientele, ensuring that everyone is supported and kept safe during the Nor’easters that continue to ravage our communities. We have a Zero Tolerance, Silver, and Gold Package that were made with the hard-working New Jersey and New York business owners and government employees in mind.

Our Custom Packages

We proudly work with hospitals, shopping centers, 24-hour stores, office complexes, home owner associations, warehouses, businesses, and more today. These are very different operations with very different commercial parking lot configurations, which is why we approach each and every one of them as their own separate project. Our custom packages were made with these people in mind, working to support anyone and everyone, no matter what they require or the snow that is falling from the sky.


Zero Tolerance Package: Based off of needs and priorities, this package speaks for itself. Made with hospitals, airports, and warehouses in mind, this is a preemptive package that offers real-time updates and access to our team, with our winter weather trackers keeping us in the know before snow falls. Sidewalks are cleared as the snow falls, constant service is supplied throughout the storm, and refreeze ice melt application is laid as needed.


Gold Package: As our most common package, our Gold Package is a mixture of the Zero and Silver Package services. Plowing starts at 1 inch and every 2 inches thereafter, with sidewalks cleared every 4 inches of snow. Weather alerts are emailed prior to the storm, and client portal access is available throughout the service.


Silver Package: Including our access to the client portal, weather alerts emailed prior to each storm, and treatment applied post snow or ice-fall, our Silver Package is a great option for locations looking to get started with winter weather support.

Each year, we only accept a limited amount of new work in order to guarantee complete dedication to the accounts we maintain. Although we continue to expand our fleet and work on importing newer machinery that can accommodate our businesses during these winter weather storms, we are a custom tailored operation that wants you to be part of our community. We’ve made different packages for different winter weather requirements because we want our trusted clients to be completely covered, prepared, and safe during these trying wintry months.

That’s the real reason we offer custom packages here at Xtreme Snow Pros.


Xtreme Snow Pros Offers Snow Packages to Meet Each Individual Client Demand

We understand better than anyone how fickle and unpredictable winter weather can be. Some years, the Northeast corridor is pounded with storm after storm. Other years, it’s more about frequent ice and sleet conditions, leaving the ground less covered, but just as dangerous. As such, we realize that one package does not fit all when it comes to the snow management industry. Service needs are going to vary depending on the client, commercial property size, and location, as such we offer several packages: Silver Package, Gold Package, Zero Tolerance, and several Pricing Packages. We are equipped and ready to provide our various Snow Packages for keeping everyone satisfied and safe this winter season.

In addition to receiving weather alerts prior to each storm and refreeze ice melt applications applied as needed after storm whenever a refreeze warning is in effect, a new feature being offered in all packages is the Client Portal Access. This provides the client access into our operations. You are able to GPS track, view live information, and see pictures of the services being performed on your property in real time!  

Gold vs Silver Package

Our Silver Package, offers a turnaround time on properties with an initial plow trigger depth of 1 inch and every 4 inches thereafter. Sidewalk clearings take place upon storm completion and an ice melt application will be added after all areas of site have been plowed.

The next step up is our Gold Package, which offers an application of ice melt to occur every 3-4 inches or if icy conditions exist, sidewalk clearing is every 4 inches of snow, and plowing to start at 1 inch and then again every 2 inches.

As compared to our Gold Package, which offers a more intense level of services rendered for each inch that falls, the Silver Package results in a more lenient level of service. Some clients are going to have more immediate snow and ice removal demands than others. It completely depends the business type, hours in operation, and what kind of service or product they provide.

Zero Tolerance Package

This is the package for clients interested in complete and immediate property support.

The Zero Tolerance package offers constant service as needed throughout storm, or plowing every 1 inch and sidewalks every 2 inches if jobsite does not require onsite equipment and crew with an application of ice melt at onset of precipitation and provided after each clearing.

Pricing Packages

We also understand that different clients are going to have different budgets when it comes to their winter weather management. Our pricing packages are broken down into variable options to meet the needs and budgets of clients from a variety of industries and operation sizes.

For clients that want to only be responsible for services rendered we have a Per Inch Per Application pricing structure that enables clients to pay only when it snows, and for the exact amount of snow that has fallen. Using a third party weather verification service, we provide certified snow totals that are zip code specific, gone are the days of disputing how much snow has fallen.

For clients that want to know exactly what their yearly budget will be, we offer an Unlimited Seasonal Contract, which is a flat rate for services regardless of how much snow falls that season.

And, for those clients that like the idea of a flat rate, but do not want to commit to the flat rate price for the duration of the season, we are now offering a Tiered Flat Rate Contract. This gives the client the ability to budget without fronting the cost of an entire snow removal season from the get-go.

Of course, on our end, we will work with you to help you make the best decision for your property once we’ve analyzed its structure, location, and probable needs during winter storms. We will also tell you about which equipment we deem necessary to keep your property safe and protected through winter’s worst weather.