New Jersey Snow Plowing

Snow Management Goes Green

Even though the term “green” is not typically synonymous with snow, it is important for those in the Snow Management Industry to start thinking of ways to become more environmentally conscious. At Xtreme Snow Pros, we have put many practices in place that make us both friendly to the environment and efficient when we work.

Safety and service are our top priority and with that in mind we make sure that our technicians follow all protocols to ensure safe walkways, driveways, parking lots, and roads while using only the recommended amount of de-icing materials. This may seem like a small effort, but it goes a long way. Too much salt can have a harmful impact on the environment and our technicians are mindful in keeping de-icers and salt away from grassy areas. Our crew is trained on proper application of de-icing materials before the start of the winter. We also provide a refresher course during the winter season. We use pet-friendly products that contain CMA.

At our headquarters, we use software and various applications that allow us to work in a (virtually) paper-free office. We hope to use electronic billing exclusively with all of our clients in the near future. All of our regular communications with customers are through our website, social media, e-mail and telephone.

While customer satisfaction will always be our top priority, we will continue to look for greener methods that will improve our operations. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!