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5 Reasons to Pick Xtreme Snow Pros Over Just Any Plow Company


Few businesses go above and beyond what is expected of them today. It’s natural to our human intentions to meet the bare minimum, doing just barely enough to stay in the game and retain our client base. That couldn’t be more different than how we view our service offerings and clients today, which is why you want to consider working with a company like ours – one that cares.

Here are 5 reasons to pick us over any ole’ company:

Technology: We are a technologically driven company, constantly learning about new tools and resources to expedite our services while providing heightened accuracy. Through our real-time winter weather monitoring tools, we’re able to report back on current conditions. Additionally, we are able to forecast winter weather, putting us ahead of the competition before the snow and ice has even arrived.

Dedication: We are obsessed with winter weather clearing. We want our clients to be safe and secure during the roughest months of the year, which is why we provide a customized 24-7 experience, opening us up to communication whenever required. We stay in constant contact with clients, providing updates on impending weather conditions before they make landfall.

Education: We’re never content with just knowing the industry standard. That’s why we attend dozens of expos, shows, events, and classes every single year, earning new accreditations to enhance our service offerings. We believe every great business is based on education and information, which is why our leadership team is constantly traveling to acquire newfound knowledge that sets us apart from the competition.

Eco-Friendly: We’re not another snow plow company that tears up the environment. We administer environmentally friendly de-icing liquids that treat the selected area without burning away grass and vegetation. Administering salt only when necessary, we don’t over-salt or destroy your property in the process. Through careful precision, we provide tailored services that are good for you and the environment.

Passionate: Overall, TeamX is the most passionate winter weather clearing team you could encounter out there. As a community that builds one another up, we work together to come up with solutions and quick responses that are right for you. It’s safe to say we’re as passionate as they get when it comes to the winter weather industry, and that’s how we like it.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can settle for the best? We don’t believe in coming in second place with anything that we do, and you shouldn’t either. Right now, although it’s the summer, we are already counting inventory, ordering new equipment, and training our team on practices and responses so they are prepared for the next winter. What other company does that?

Choose Xtreme Snow Pros today.


Xtreme Snow Pros Announces New NJ Location


Constantly working to fortify and expand current service offerings and options, Xtreme Snow Pros is not a company that remains complacent or static. That’s why, officially this week, the company announced a brand new location in New Jersey, able to accommodate their growing service demand and clientele. Servicing the greater New York City and New Jersey regions, the company felt a New Jersey base made sense for easy access in and out of the city – especially when road conditions become questionable.

The new location will officially be at: 99 Marshall Hill Road in West Milford, New Jersey. During the coming summer months, the company will be moving their headquarters to this new location, which is a larger and more fortified improvement than their previous headquarters. With the new square footage, they will be able to house more equipment and snow clearing infrastructure that is required to keep client properties safe and protected during the trying winter months.

Xtreme Snow Pros Expanded Offerings

It requires a lot of space to offer the suite of services that Xtreme Snow Pros makes available to clients today, which is why the team looked long and hard to find a location that they felt was just right. With the new space, they will be expanding their most popular services, including: state-of-the-art equipment and advanced products for snow and ice removal, remote webcams to monitor live weather conditions, equipment and treatment storage for the different services offering, anti-icing liquid storage, snow-fighting equipment storage, and other requirements that are increasing with the expanding clientele.

Going above and beyond the norm, Xtreme Snow Pros sends storm alerts to clients through a personalized dashboard, repairs grass and other proxy damage from the winter season, and uses environmentally friendly materials with reduced salt to support the surrounding ecosystems today.

Most passionate about clients and their safety today, Xtreme Snow Pros curate services that not only protects and fortifies locations, but also promotes longevity and success in that operation. Despite the warm summer weather ahead, now is the perfect time to consider onboarding a new snow and ice clearing company for the 2018.19 winter season.

SIMA Best Practices Procurement Timeline: 52-Week Planning

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.58.11 AM.jpg

Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we don’t just power down our operation during the warm months. We adhere to a strict 52-week planning cycle, put forth by SIMA for a Snow Service Procurement Visual Timeline. As we know, the timing of the snow service procurement process is chaotic and often done last minute, which is why we work with a timeline that streamlines our services and offerings, while fortifying our systems in place before the first snowfall.

To arrive at the SIMA timeline, the organization underwent a review process that included recruiting 18 stakeholder reviews, representing snow service providers/contractors, facility managements, deicing material supply and equipment supply.

The timeline commitment is that it’s an open-access timeline to suppliers and consumers, available at no cost, educational in nature, comprehensive, and transparent in its findings and offerings. After serious reviewing and collaborating to arrive at the timeline, comprehensive information aggregation and collaboration went on to development a standard against which all winter weather cleaning and removal companies can measure against.

Our Timeline

We’re proud to work in adherence to the SIMA 52-week timeline plan, helping our operation to evaluate and expand upon our services for the next winter season. As we come out of the 2017.18 winter season, (just barely), the summer, warmer months are ahead of us, when it’s natural to push the worry and concern of snow to the side. However, as we all know, that winter weather comes knocking much sooner than we want to think about, which is why now is the time to plan. As part of the timeline, for this spring season, we will oversee vendor qualification, RFI distribution, responses, and reviews, confirmation of existing multi-year contracts, and kick-starting the RFP process.

By summer, we will meet the RFP response deadline, go through a Q&A walkthrough negotiate contracts and legal review, with the final contracts awarded by the end of the summer.

Come fall, training and preparation for staff will be all day and all night, with our services kicking back into gear by mid-fall. Then, come winter, our full suite of services, monitoring oversight, technological infrastructure, and pre-weather warning systems will be in full swing, helping everyone to safeguard their commercial properties moving forward.

Are you thinking about coverage for this winter? Now is the perfect time to start planning for the safety of your property. As we all know, 6-months can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Should I Sign the Dotted Line? 4 Things to Consider Before You Do

Sign-on-the-dotted-line 2.png

As a business owner today, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you go ahead with commitments to clients and other partners/providers. You’re tasked with total management and oversight, which means you basically eat, sleep, and breathe business. When it comes time to on-boarding another company that will augment your company, providing a service that is essentially required that you can supplement in-house, you have to sign the dreaded dotted line.

We all know the dotted line: the final confirmation of a contract that may come back to haunt you in the end.

Well, before you sign that dotted line, we’re going to go over 4 things you should extensively consider and have a final answer to prior to pulling out the pen:

Am I Basing My Decision on Price Alone?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. We are always looking for bargains today to adhere to strict budgets, it just makes sense. However, if you’re choosing a company simply because it has lower rates than the competitors, it’s time to ask yourself why. In many cases, the cheap rates are due to their service quality, offering them at a lower rate so you bite on the bait. When it comes to something like snow and ice removal, you don’t want to go with the bargain deal.

Is the Company Reputable?

If you’re going with the cheapest company, you better do extensive research to verify their credentials. In many cases, companies are not as legitimate as they claim, which can be easily uncovered if you spend a little time digging through their online reputation. Check Yelp, the BBB, etc. to see what other people have to say, as well as calling the associations they claim to have certifications from. With Google, you can uncover a lot in a little time.

What Type of Equipment Do They Have?

A legitimate company is going to proudly detail on their website what type of equipment infrastructure they own for you to see. The sketchier companies aren’t going to include those details, knowing they have bottom-barrel offerings. Spend time sifting around equipment details from snow and ice removal companies, looking for the brand name infrastructure. Bonus points if there’s photo evidence.

Is This the Right Fit for My Need?

You need to consider exactly why you’re hiring this company. Do you need parking lot support? Sidewalk clearing? Have you suffered from debilitating personal injury lawsuits? Ask yourself why you are hiring the company in the first place. Once you have your answer, check to see if they will fit your needs. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to verify it.

Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we pride ourselves on being a top-provider of snow and ice removal services in the Northeast corridor, which is why our site proudly reflects everything we can offer you.

The Real Reason Why Xtreme Snow Pros Picks Custom Packages for Each Client

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to winter weather prevention and snow/ice removal today. Customization is the only way to approach each and every one of our clients, adhering to their unique requirements, property sizes and configurations, and clientele, ensuring that everyone is supported and kept safe during the Nor’easters that continue to ravage our communities. We have a Zero Tolerance, Silver, and Gold Package that were made with the hard-working New Jersey and New York business owners and government employees in mind.

Our Custom Packages

We proudly work with hospitals, shopping centers, 24-hour stores, office complexes, home owner associations, warehouses, businesses, and more today. These are very different operations with very different commercial parking lot configurations, which is why we approach each and every one of them as their own separate project. Our custom packages were made with these people in mind, working to support anyone and everyone, no matter what they require or the snow that is falling from the sky.


Zero Tolerance Package: Based off of needs and priorities, this package speaks for itself. Made with hospitals, airports, and warehouses in mind, this is a preemptive package that offers real-time updates and access to our team, with our winter weather trackers keeping us in the know before snow falls. Sidewalks are cleared as the snow falls, constant service is supplied throughout the storm, and refreeze ice melt application is laid as needed.


Gold Package: As our most common package, our Gold Package is a mixture of the Zero and Silver Package services. Plowing starts at 1 inch and every 2 inches thereafter, with sidewalks cleared every 4 inches of snow. Weather alerts are emailed prior to the storm, and client portal access is available throughout the service.


Silver Package: Including our access to the client portal, weather alerts emailed prior to each storm, and treatment applied post snow or ice-fall, our Silver Package is a great option for locations looking to get started with winter weather support.

Each year, we only accept a limited amount of new work in order to guarantee complete dedication to the accounts we maintain. Although we continue to expand our fleet and work on importing newer machinery that can accommodate our businesses during these winter weather storms, we are a custom tailored operation that wants you to be part of our community. We’ve made different packages for different winter weather requirements because we want our trusted clients to be completely covered, prepared, and safe during these trying wintry months.

That’s the real reason we offer custom packages here at Xtreme Snow Pros.