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Xtreme Snow Pros participates in Ridgewood's 2016 4th of July Parade

This past summer, Xtreme Snow Pros was proud to have been part of the local Ridgewood community’s 4th of July celebration. As a community-oriented business venture dedicated to ensuring all local business owners have access to affordable and reliable snow and ice clearing services during winter, Xtreme Snow Pros jumped at the opportunity to pull their own float through the parade this past summer.

Participating with three of their trucks and trailers that carried a Yankee Doodle Dandy Float with a full band, it was hard to miss Xtreme Snow Pros’ patriotism down the parade route for the community’s 2016 parade celebration. Many members of the Xtreme team were able to join in the festivities, both by helping coordinate the float and truck driving, as well as spectating with family for a full day of Ridgewood community bonding. It was one of the best turnouts the parade has ever had, as there was perfect weather with crystal blue skies above.

Chris Marino and his wife, as a way to provide steady community support and access to safe winter clearing services during the year’s most taxing months, founded Xtreme Snow Pros in Mahwah, New Jersey a nine years ago. Since then, the Xtreme Snow Pros brand has spawned two other companies in The Xtreme Group in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Snow and unpredictable winter weather is a major part of New Jersey and New York living for half of the year, which is why investing in professional and reliable snow clearing and ice removal services is absolutely essential for local businesses. Without Xtreme’s services, businesses face open lawsuits for personal injury and other injury-related debacles as a result of un-cleared winter weather.

In order to stay ahead of the unpredictable winter weather, Xtreme utilizes the latest technology to offer real-time weather monitoring and GPS tracking of crew members with client portal access. They use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced products for ensuring the most convenient and efficient commercial snow clearing available today. All of their properties are measured electronically, and they take extreme care to fix all grass and curb damage when springtime arrives.

Unlike other winter clearing companies, Xtreme is intent on giving back both to the community and the environment. They honor the environment through the use of special pushers and plows that greatly reduce salt usage with LiveEdge Technology. Additionally, to get a full scope of their work in action, they utilize remote webcams to monitor live weather conditions and property shapes and sizes.

Cognizant of the fact that they would have no business if it weren’t for their loyal commercial patrons in the greater Mahwah and New York City region, Xtreme is a highly active local company, jumping at the opportunity to volunteer and give back as frequently as possible. Their 4th of July showing was just one of many planned community events for the upcoming year, and the full-service snow removal company is intent on participating again in the 2017 Ridgewood 4th of July parade.