Why You Should Consider Hiring a Snow Removal Company that Owns Its Own Equipment


Snow and ice removal is no easy business. It requires heavy duty machinery, treatment chemicals and resources, and technological infrastructure that paints the whole picture in real-time. That’s a lot of responsibility put on the winter weather clearing company, which is why you want to consider a company that owns everything it uses in-house. When a blizzard is knocking on the backdoor, it doesn’t wait for service providers to assemble the equipment. It just comes.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a snow removal company that owns its own equipment:

RELIABILITY: If a company rents its snow removal equipment, what happens when the provider recalls it or doesn’t provide it in time, and snow is coming? A company that owns its own equipment is reliable; they will always be able to answer the call because it's their property. Snow and ice isn’t something to play around with today, and when you need reliable winter weather clearing services, you need them immediately.

EXPERIENCE: When a company owns their own equipment, they can train employees on it year-round. They don’t have to wait for deliveries or shipments to get everyone familiar with the tools. Instead, they have total experience immersed, using their owned fleet every year with the same hands.

EXPERTISE: Managing one’s own winter weather clearing fleet creates expertise among the staff, tasked with learning the ins and outs of the machine from front to back. Having that kind of knowledge is invaluable when winter weather is on the way and a machine needs a quick tune-up.

AFFORDABILITY: Although the up-front cost of buying the equipment can seem expensive, in the long run, it’s a more cost-efficient option to own the capital. As such, the company is able to offer more affordable rates to clients looking to secure winter weather clearing.

Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re a one-stop-winter-shop, which is why we own absolutely everything we deploy and utilize on our clients’ commercial properties. We don’t need to wait around or answer to another person when crunch time comes. We have everything we already need, fine-tuned, and prepped, with an expertly trained staff that knows how to leverage it immediately.