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Xtreme Snow Pros Attends “Legislative Day on the Hill” with the ASCA

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As a comprehensive winter weather monitoring and clearing company, we believe that complacency is what puts a company behind the pack, failing to work towards newer, better laws and inventions that improve overall service. That’s why our team is involved in more than just our client’s properties – we are interested in legislative practices as well, which directly affect our industry and how we are able to support our patrons. Therefore, in addition to our education and physical services, our team took a trip to Washington D.C. last fall to be part of the discussions that directly affect what we do here at Xtreme Snow Pros.

Legislative Day on the Hill

Traveling with the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA), Xtreme Snow Pros Owner, Chris Marino, the Chief Visionary behind the operation, was present for discussions directly related to snow removal companies in the New Jersey region. Taking place Monday, September 11, and Tuesday, September 12, Marino was part of the people that had a direct influence on the resulting law language.

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Legislative Day on the Hill is an opportunity for snow industry professionals to have their voices heard, increase their knowledge about the legislative issues that affect companies, and directly participate in the legislative process. The chief purpose of the day is to educate elected representatives on the issues that face individuals and businesses in our industry. The ASCA for years has been flying into Washington D.C. for the day, creating awareness with elected representatives on issues that the snow and ice management industry faces. Without such support, the ASCA argues that elected representatives remain wholly unaware of the industry and what they can be doing to improve it.

Senate Bill 237

The particular event was focused on the passage of the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act, Senate Bill 237. The bill is aimed at reducing frivolous lawsuits, passing the House this past Spring, now needing final approval in the Senate. Marino took part in the discussions surrounding the bill, advocating for its passage on behalf of winter weather companies that have to work within the stringent lawsuit conditions that are all too common when it comes to walkways and parking lots during the winter months.

After the two-days of debate, Marino returned home to Xtreme Snow Pros, sharing the information he learned and what was exchanged at the critical meeting.

Xtreme Snow Pros works hard to integrate into every facet of business life, from community involvement to local law passages and repeals. The team is focused on new advancements for 2018, and will certainly be attending the Legislative Day on the Hill for 2018.

Xtreme Snow Pros Attends Legislative Day In DC

Chris Marino, president of Xtreme Snow Pros, had the privilege of attending Legislative Day in Washington DC. Members of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) and Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) were invited to meet with representatives of the US Congress and Senate.


Xtreme Snow Pros President Chris Marino Attends Legislative Day In DC

Chris’ family took the road trip with him to enjoy the nation’s capital. Chris vaguely remembers his last trip to DC as a child. He recalls all the buildings - the might and status they portrayed seeming larger than life to him. Today, as a successful business owner, while his reverence and appreciation for the city has remain unchanged, he finds that his perspective is different. Arriving in DC with willful purpose and determination to make a difference cannot be compared to the simplicity of touring the city as a child. This time, the buildings seemed small in comparison to what they stood for and what occurred within their walls. 

New Jersey Representative Donald Payne Jr and Xtreme Snow Pros President Chris Marino

Members of ASCA and PLANET discussed two main topics: frivolous litigation and immigration reform. Snow management professionals and landscape company owners from all over the US expressed their perspectives, discussed specific issues, and proposed solutions. Many left with high hopes that a journey to the nation's capital had a positive impact on their industry as a whole. Chris had the honor of meeting New Jersey representatives and their staff members. He was pleased to find that so many local government officials cared deeply about snow industry related issues that mattered to him and his colleagues.

Chris' family had a great time visiting The Air and Space Museum and The Smithsonian. His children especially enjoyed touring the city and indulging in the abundance of restaurants. The family favorite is “the soul of Washington DC,” Georgia Brown’s.

Marino Family at Georgia Browns

As The Xtreme Snow Pros grows, so do the responsibilities to contribute to the future of the Snow Management Industry. Chris, along with his colleagues who attended Legislative Day, hope to continue to pave the way for success, fair practices, and overall excellence for all aspects of Snow Management.

Members Of ASCA and PLANET Attend Legislative Day In DC