Xtreme Snow Pros Lands Fifth Consecutive Spot on Snow Magazine’s Top 100 List

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For the fifth consecutive year, our team has landed on the Snow Magazine’s Top 100 List as a nationally regarded snow and ice removal company. Announced at this year’s ASCA Executive Summit held in Hilton Head, South Carolina, we received the news on our top-performing ranking. This time, coming home with the #28 spot, we have managed to work our way up the list every single year since making our first debut. At just #33 last year, our team is more encouraged and motivated than ever before to keep climbing.

As a company that is intently dedicated to our clients, their properties, and their personal safety, we have a passion for winter weather clearing and removal. Constantly attending educational summits and courses for new accreditations that reflect our unwavering commitment, we leverage innovation and cutting-edge technology to one-up our service offerings year after year.

With 30-years of experience and expertise in our line of work, our in-depth knowledge guarantees our continued ranking. Plus, equipped with ASCA-certification and visionary leadership from Chris Marino, we are able to remediate any snow or ice condition – right here in one of the snowiest regions in the country.

That’s why, after this year’s announcements, we are already to work configuring new ways to rank even higher as a snow removal contractor at next year’s ceremony. We believe that complacency has no place in an industry as dangerous and critical as winter weather clearing. Therefore, we are already preparing for what’s ahead in the 2018-19 season.

Our team would like to thank the ASCA and Snow Magazine for considering our hard work and commitment in their selection process. We look forward to joining with the industry’s very best again next year.