Xtreme Snow Pros Chris Marino Speaks on 3 Different Topics at 2018 Snow and Ice Show


This year’s Snow and Ice Show has finally rolled around, taking place May 1st to the 3rd in Hartford, Connecticut. As an event that unites manufacturers, suppliers, and snow and ice management professionals for two and a half days of education, networking, and trade show displays, this year’s event was focused on the principles of successful snow and ice management: managing risk, reducing insurance rates, and reducing bogus slip-and-fall claims.

Naturally, as a leader in the snow and ice removal industry for the greater Northeastern region of the United States, Xtreme Snow Pros owner, Chris Marino, was part of the elite team of speakers and presenters offering up their experience, information, and research. Speaking on three different topics, Marino discussed de-icing strategies, equipment purchasing and management, and creating culture in your own organization.


As Marino quickly stated: de-icing is such a broad and important category that an entire conference alone could have been dedicated to it. He started off by asking business owners to reflect on their service offerings. Did they offer de-icing? No? If they did, how much of an impact did it make on their business once they added it to he repertoire? Next, he moved into asking the audience of their customers understood how de-icing worked, and its notable differences when compared to snow removal.

Looking at de-icing products, Marino touched on Xtreme Snow Pros approach to de-icing, as well as how they provide options to their clients. He asked the audience: how much training needs to be administered before proper application? What is the average profit margin contractors should be realizing from their de-icing services? What are contractors doing right or wrong?

Marino also made a point to touch on trendy questions related to de-icing, like the request for “organic” de-icing solutions.

Equipment Purchasing & Management

Marino imparted his expertise on equipment purchasing and management, asking the audience to describe their equipment portfolio, as well as the depth of their operations. What’s your equipment purchasing philosophy? What are your thoughts on rent and lease options for snow and ice management? Do you have a dedicated manager, and what are the costs?

Marino finished off the segment by touching on how important it is to develop relationships with local dealers and contractors for top-notch performance.

Overall, it was another incredibly productive and successful Snow and Ice Show, attracting industry elite from around the country to share their experiences and observances for a more informed snow removal industry. We look forward to participating in next years’ event.