Chris Marino and Glenn Kramer Attend the 2018 Snow and Ice Show in Connecticut

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Every year, a comprehensive snow and ice removal event takes place, welcoming industry elite and participants from around the country to share their best practices when it comes to tackling winter weather. Believing that collaboration is more valuable than working as independent entities, snow and ice removal leaders set aside time to network with leading thinkers and researchers in the industry.

This year’s Snow and Ice Show took place May 1 thru the 3rd in Hartford, Connecticut. As an event that unites manufacturers, suppliers, and snow and ice management professionals for two and a half days of education, networking, and trade show displays, this year’s event was focused on the principles of successful snow and ice management: managing risk, reducing insurance rates, and reducing bogus slip-and-fall claims. Speaking personally regarding de-icing strategies, equipment purchasing and management, and creating culture in your own organization, Xtreme Snow Pros founder Chris Marino and Operations Manager Glenn Kramer were in attendance.

2018 Snow and Ice Show

This year’s event featured a plethora of topics from a variety of speakers, hailing from every community around the country. Talks touched on: contract language for the snow and ice management industry, basics of snow and ice management, physical conditions to look for on a property, documentation to meet industry standards, technology for sales and customer service, overcoming plateaus in your business, structuring your snow team for success, and the list goes on.

Marino was a central figure in the proceedings, providing three different talks that were positively received by the audience.

Starting with his talk on de-icing, Marino quickly stated: de-icing is such a broad and important category that an entire conference alone could have been dedicated to it. He started off by asking business owners to reflect on their service offerings. Did they offer de-icing? Marino also imparted his expertise on equipment purchasing and management, asking the audience to describe their equipment portfolio, as well as the depth of their operations.

Always working to develop new relationships and integrate new technology and best practices that revolutionize Xtreme Snow Pros business model, Kramer and Marino attended events every day of the conference, meeting with new business owners and innovative thinkers. The Xtreme Snow Pros team is constantly working to improve upon their service offerings, which is why Marino is a central figure at snow and ice events around the country every year.

We look forward to the 2019 Snow and Ice Show!