Xtreme Snow Pros Announces New NJ Location


Constantly working to fortify and expand current service offerings and options, Xtreme Snow Pros is not a company that remains complacent or static. That’s why, officially this week, the company announced a brand new location in New Jersey, able to accommodate their growing service demand and clientele. Servicing the greater New York City and New Jersey regions, the company felt a New Jersey base made sense for easy access in and out of the city – especially when road conditions become questionable.

The new location will officially be at: 99 Marshall Hill Road in West Milford, New Jersey. During the coming summer months, the company will be moving their headquarters to this new location, which is a larger and more fortified improvement than their previous headquarters. With the new square footage, they will be able to house more equipment and snow clearing infrastructure that is required to keep client properties safe and protected during the trying winter months.

Xtreme Snow Pros Expanded Offerings

It requires a lot of space to offer the suite of services that Xtreme Snow Pros makes available to clients today, which is why the team looked long and hard to find a location that they felt was just right. With the new space, they will be expanding their most popular services, including: state-of-the-art equipment and advanced products for snow and ice removal, remote webcams to monitor live weather conditions, equipment and treatment storage for the different services offering, anti-icing liquid storage, snow-fighting equipment storage, and other requirements that are increasing with the expanding clientele.

Going above and beyond the norm, Xtreme Snow Pros sends storm alerts to clients through a personalized dashboard, repairs grass and other proxy damage from the winter season, and uses environmentally friendly materials with reduced salt to support the surrounding ecosystems today.

Most passionate about clients and their safety today, Xtreme Snow Pros curate services that not only protects and fortifies locations, but also promotes longevity and success in that operation. Despite the warm summer weather ahead, now is the perfect time to consider onboarding a new snow and ice clearing company for the 2018.19 winter season.