TeamX Spends Team End-of-Season Weekend in Upstate New York


After what seemed to be a never-ending winter for the Northeast finally came to a close this week, it was time for TeamX to sit back and relax. Kicking off in November 2017, it’s safe to say this winter didn’t want to go away, hanging in until the last week of April 2018. Now, with the warm temps, sunny skies, and positive attitudes, it was finally time to give TeamX some much deserved time off.

As a company that believes in the value of collaborative company culture, we send our teams on excursions and bonding activities that reward them for their service while bringing everyone closer together. A team is only as strong as its weakest member, which is why we do everything as a team here at Xtreme Snow Pros.

2018 TeamX End of Season Retreat

This week, TeamX celebrated the end of the winter with an end of season retreat in Upstate New York. Venturing near Cooperstown for a fun-filled outdoorsy adventure, the team sat around the campfire, went riding on quads in muddy conditions, and bonded over their shared winter war stories. After a few days of breathing in the fresh Upstate air, and roasting marshmallows together while playing some music, the team completed their end of season retreat, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the summer ahead.

When the winter season gets tough, sometimes, there’s no time for coworkers to share stories and discuss their services. Now that there’s finally time, we encourage TeamX to get together and get to know one another. We’ve built a company upon community, discovering that our business works more efficiently when workers feel valued and appreciated. That starts with friendship and relationship building. Although we put TeamX members through stringent training conditions – and not everyone gets to make TeamX – once you’re part of the team, you’re part of the team for life.

Even though the summer is finally here, we never stop perfecting our services here at Xtreme Snow Pros. We go over inventory, equipment tune-ups and ordering, and new practices/review of past practices to prepare the team for the forthcoming 2019 winter season. No one wants to think about snow or ice right now, and you don’t have to for some months. But for us here, it’s what we love to do and obsess over.

TeamX is back to work, getting ready to provide our most valued and convenient winter weather clearing and de-icing services to date this year.