Snow Boot Camp: TeamX’s Classroom Training

There’s no off season for us here at Xtreme Snow Pros. In order to keep our team sharply prepared, we put TeamX through a Snow Boot Camp every off-season, covering everything from education to equipment distribution. For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to look at the classroom boot camp that we require members to undergo during October, expertly preparing them for the snowfall that can certainly start falling during the fall months.

Classroom Training


Every member of TeamX is required to attend our classroom sessions. It’s when we go over everything from the tools that we use, to our expectations out in the field. We host multiple classroom sessions that each specialize in a different topic:

Tech apps training: We download the tech apps we are going to use for the season, and require everyone to explore the apps until they have a proficient understanding of how to use them when it’s most important.

Expectations: We don’t have time to outline expectations when the snow is falling. That’s why we cover this topic prior, ensuring everyone is on the same page so there is no confusion.

Overview of Equipment: We have a lot of equipment here at Xtreme Snow Pros. We go over each item, how to maintain it and fix it if necessary, and how to operate it accurately and safely for our clients.

Property Service Etiquette: Our client’s properties are important to us, which is why we go over how to properly service their properties without being wasteful or disrespectful.

Motivation: Above all, we want our team to be motivated. We are above the average, and we want to communicate that to our team members during the classroom sessions.

We believe that information and proper communication underscores every successful entity today, which is why we start out the season with blank-slate education that brings everyone up to speed. When the same information is being communicated to everyone, there’s no room for misunderstandings or lack of information when the times become critical. As a company that operates under stringent wintry conditions, we need everyone to be in the know: which is exactly how our proprietary Snow Boot Camp kicks off each year.

From there, we require many more boot camp sessions before TeamX is finally prepared for the winter season. So yes, we are welcoming the summer with open arms. But, that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. We have to keep pace.