Snow Boot Camp: Site Supervisors TeamX Training


Tailored to our site supervisors – the individuals leading the charge and acting as the point of reference out in the field – we provide a site supervisors TeamX training as part of our Snow Boot Camp. These are the people that call the shots when the going gets tough, and they need to be able to make the right decisions without a lot of back-and-forths. That’s why we put extra attention into our leaders: they set the example for the rest of TeamX to follow. It’s an example that should be reflective of our company culture and values.

Site Supervisor Training Events

We start our site supervisor training with classroom sessions that cover the educational and informational elements of the job. We go over their responsibilities and most importantly, how to be safe and keep properties safe while they’re leading the charge.

During these classroom sessions, we cover:

Expectations: Site supervisors are expected to perform at their best. They are the seasoned veterans that are returning back for more winters, already aware of what they have signed up for. As leaders, they have additional responsibilities that we carefully communicate to them.

Safety: Leaders on site need to be the point of reference for safety. There’s no way around it. They need to eat, breathe, and sleep staff and client safety satisfaction, which is what we carefully train them in.

New Equipment: Next, we go over new equipment purchased, its specifications, and its features. We take the supervisors in person to go experience the equipment, answering any questions so that they are able to operate it seamlessly when the time comes.

New Team Members: We require supervisors to be community leaders, bringing new staff together and creating a bond that translates into effective services.

Additionally, we expect site supervisors to go to all of our fall training classes, familiarizing themselves with the new staff members, as well as new protocol and expectations. We believe that our TeamX members can never receive enough educational training, which is why even our supervisors are required to go to the basic training sessions.

We place special emphasis on the team here at Xtreme Snow Pros, and the points of reference for our teams are our site supervisors. They are integral components of our successful equation, which is why we spend time training them during the off months. We never take a break from preparing for the winter ahead – even during the hot, steamy Northeastern summer months. That’s how we stay ahead of the competition.