Snow Boot Camp: Service Providers and Their Extension of the Xtreme Snow Pros Team

As the last part of our Snow Boot Camp, we create a course schedule for our service providers. As an extension of our team, these individuals are just as integral to our success as a company as our TeamX providers. Everyone is part of our community, which is why we invest in training and resource management for every single person that makes Xtreme Snow Pros a success in the wintry months.

Going over the technological apps that we use to communicate and coordinate properties during the winter, we require all of our service providers to sit through classroom training of communication app and our in the field service tracker app. We require all service providers to learn these apps in order to keep uniformity throughout the company.

Classroom Training

We go over these apps in-depth, ensuring everyone knows how to operate the systems effectively. That way, there can be no excuses during crunch time. Within the apps, we look at using them in real-time, choosing the correct service that is being provided, amount of materials being used, noting weather conditions, taking photos, and completing site-specific checklists.

Next, we go over our safety expectations and winter monitoring expectations, ensuring everyone is on the same page for when the going gets tough. We also look at the service provider dashboard, which includes: training documents and videos, downloadable apps, company forms, account specs, company contact numbers and emails, Twitter feed, and a help center.

Some of our rules of thumb include:

Communication is key

Always wear safety vests and jackets when outside of the equipment truck, etc.

Always make eye contact with coworkers; never assume they can see you

Must log into apps the second one arrives at job site

Use the service provider dashboard as a virtual handbook

Maintain respectability when interacting with any client

And the list goes on. We start this boot camp training during the offseason, providing us with enough time to train everyone on their required roles, apps, and understanding before late fall rolls around. Everyone who works under the Xtreme Snow Pros title must undergo their own version of the Snow Boot Camp. It’s how we maintain our excellent standing with clients around our communities.