Snow Boot Camp: Plow Truck Field Day Training


One of the more common, yet crucial, pieces of equipment for a winter and ice removal company is the plow truck/salter. Without plow trucks, we wouldn’t be able to promise safety conditions to our clients when it comes to the brutal Northeastern blizzards. That’s why we devote an entire portion of our Snow Boot Camp training to plow truck/salter operation alone: they can make or break our business.

Plow trucks can be complex pieces of machinery, which is why we want to ensure every member of our team has an adept understanding of how to operate and manage a plow truck and its components. We want them to subconsciously dream about the plow trucks when they leave for the day and go home at night. We need every member of the team to know a plow truck like the back of their hand, which is why we start training them in the operation of the trucks during the off-season months.

Plow Truck Field Days

We provide classroom training, as well as hands-on training, for our plow truck fleet. During our Snow Boot Camp plow truck field days, we cover:

Overview: We go over the mechanics of the plow trucks in a classroom setting, covering the details that everyone needs to understand in case of a quick tune up or fix out in the field. While managing properties, if something goes wrong, we want TeamX to be able to fix it without having to call back to base.

Operation: In the classroom, we go over the operation manual. However, we then take the team out into the field, inside the plow trucks, for days on end until everyone feels confident in their ability to operate the machinery.

Salter and Brine Trucks: Beyond the plow, we also cover the mechanics of the salter, and how to salt properly without destroying the environment and properties in the process.

Skidsteer: Next, we cover the tools that load the trucks with salt, etc. so each TeamX member can effectively manage their own fleet without any oversight or management.

We don’t believe in micromanaging here. That’s why we invest in every single one of our employees from the get-go. By understanding every component of the snow plow, these individuals can respond to calls and requests without requiring extra back-up.

We use the off-season months to our advantage, acquainting everyone with everything they need to know about salting, plowing, fine tuning, etc. That way, no one is under pressure of the snowfall and can take their time exploring our top quality equipment. We pair education with hands-on training for the most effective results, requiring new hires to undergo rigorous boot camps so they are brought up to speed.

That’s how we do business here at Xtreme Snow Pros.