Xtreme Snow Pros Among Few Companies Picked to Try Left Hand Robotics Sidewalk Machine

We had an exciting opportunity this week. The Xtreme Snow Pros team was one of the few in the entire country that has handpicked by Left Hand Robotics to try out a new and innovative invention: the Automated Sidewalk Machine.

SnowBot PRO

Called the SnowBot PRO, Left Hand Robotics has released the world’s first self-driving, commercial-class snow clearing robot, now operating at pilot custom locations across North America. The bot clears snow from sidewalks, dramatically reducing labor expense for snow management operators while producing better overall results. Additionally, leveraging such technology will help everyone to diminish the amount of slip-and-fall accidents that are attributed to snow and ice on sidewalks.


State-of-the-art technologies enable the GPS-navigated robot to operate autonomously to clear snowy sidewalks with down-to-the-inch accuracy. The bot comes with five types of sensors, including LIDAR and thermal sensors for safety. Customers can then monitor the robot’s progress in real-time from the web or mobile phone apps that are synced with the service.

Automating what was once a tedious, repetitive, and physically taxing snow clearing task, the robot is showing us that you can take something time consuming and make it a non-issue with a little technology. The company has already experienced great success with the amount of interested users, Xtreme Snow Pros definitely being among that list.

Based in Longmont, Colorado, Left Hand Robotics works hard to utilize technological resources and new ideas in the creation of their automated products. They work with innovative automation and advanced technology solutions to outdoor industries, thus allowing businesses to scale by reducing costs due to labor. They’ve been in the game for over 50-years. Happy to have collaborated with Xtreme Snow Pros, the two teams took some photos together as our winter clearing company enjoyed the full suite of benefits that come with the SnowBot PRO.

Our Technological Commitment

Being that we always leverage cutting edge technology to expedite our processes while providing better service to each and every one of our clients, we are constantly open to testing out new products, tools, and software that makes us the #1 winter weather clearing operation. This is how we stay ahead, which is why we had a great time collaborating with Left Hand Robotics. Technology is the way of the future, and we are open to integrating any and every new machine into our operation. Automated sidewalk clearing machines will become more popular in the future, and we plan to be an integral user in the coming years.