Xtreme Snow Pros Adds Additional Machines to Meet Mounting Client Demand


It’s no secret that the 2018 winter season has been a fun but a rough one too. It could potentially go on for another month, but reflecting on the last 5-months, it has been a winter that many will forever remember. As the winter weather, snow, ice, and other dangerous materials fell from the sky, more and more business owners reached out to us, looking for our commercial property support. Personal injury lawsuits can break a business, and we work to ensure that everyone is happy and safe on commercial properties, starting with our proprietary winter weather clearing services and of course, machines.

In order to keep up with the mounting demand, we proudly added new machines to our Xtreme Snow Pros fleet this winter. We are firm believers in owning our own equipment, running everything ourselves, in-house, to ensure our 24-7 commitment and support is guaranteed without having to rely on some other company. We don’t rent our equipment. We go out and buy it, managing every part and inspecting the machines weekly to ensure they will perform when performance really counts.

JCB Loaders

To answer the call, our team bought a large amount of JCB loaders, both of the medium and large duty sizes, to help cover every property in our service region. JCB even flew our owner, Chris Marino, down to look at the machines in person, analyzing if they were the right fit for our fleet. Chris was able to work with JCB, collaborate, and really mull over options before the right machines were selected.

JCB has been an incredible company to work with, always showing their support for our operation and supplying us with top quality equipment that will never falter or succumb to the intimidating winter weather. We have purchased dozens of machines from their operation over the past few years, and intend to do so during the coming years.

Chris proudly brought back our new JCBs to rev up our offerings and expand our clientele. It can be hard to predict what kind of winter lies ahead, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Although you might be tired of the cold, sleet, wind, and snow, it can come out of left field and leave everyone off guard. We take care of your commercial property so you can focus on what really counts: running your business and improving revenue. One of the best ways to do that is to circumvent personal injury lawsuits, which is what we can guarantee with our 24-7 winter clearing support and technological infrastructure that gives us live updates of wintry conditions.

Our team is here to support you.