Chris Marino Tours Sidewalk Management Ventrac Factory in Ohio


There’s a lot that goes into our comprehensive winter weather management services, and one big part of that is our ability to keep sidewalks clean and clear during snow and ice storms. Clients are most likely to slip and fall on the sidewalks leading into buildings, which is where the costly personal injury lawsuits can come from. As a snow and ice management company, we do everything in our power to ensure a lawsuit never befalls our commercial clients.

As such, we are always traveling, reading, and learning about best practices that withstand the Northeast’s brutal winter weather.


Last week, our owner, Chris Marino, went out to the Ventrac’s Factory in Orrville, Ohio to take a factory tour and learn more about their sidewalk management equipment line. Planning to discuss sidewalk management practices, optimized equipment, and future inventions that will improve the entire industry.

Xtreme Snow Pros relies heavily on Ventrac’s equipment for sidewalk management today. Ventrac is a reliable, American-made producer that offers site preparation, lead management, material loading and moving, aeration, brush mowing, sidewalk snow management, tractor management, and slope mowing solutions. Notable product advantages include turf distance, American-made, comfort and controls, weight transfer, powerful finish, and reliability that can withstand winter after winter.

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Xtreme Snow Pros Commitment

We’re always preparing for the worst winter ever ahead, and that starts with understanding the equipment we own and how we can best prepare it for what lies ahead. Marino and other members of our executive team are constantly traveling to exhibitions, conferences, classes, and facilities to inspect the equipment we use and how it is officially assembled. Marino is on a mission to observe the entire assembly process from start to finish, as well as learn more about what truly goes into the development of sidewalk maintenance and management equipment.

A reliable snow and ice removal business is more than just a company with weather monitoring equipment. We need our product developers too for the most innovative snow fighting equipment designs.