Xtreme Snow Pros’ Chris Marino Attends Snow Warrior Conference Maine

Earlier this week, Chris Marino, traveled north to attend a multi-day event in Maine. Called the Snow Warrior Conference Maine, the event fostered collaboration between business peers all working within the greater snow and ice management industries. As part of the Snow & Ice Management (SIMA) Member Peer Groups initiative, Xtreme Snow Pro was able to collaborate and communicate with other industry leaders and their management performance.

During the event, Marino worked with his group peers to come up with hypothetical solutions to issues and unforeseen obstacles they could expect while out on the road. By partaking in this kind of roundtable event, Xtreme Snow Pros was rewarded with new ideas and recommendations for snow and ice management that other companies are already implementing today. Since specific markets from around the country require different kind of response times and preparedness, new techniques were shared from the West Coast with those located on the East Coast.

Whilst at the event, Marino had the opportunity to go on a factory tour for Fisher Engineering, which is part of Douglas Dynamics. Xtreme Snow Pros purchases their snow plows and salters from Douglas, where they then use them for the management of their various Northeastern clientele properties. On the tour, he was exposed to the lean manufacturing process at Douglas Dynamics, and how they design their ergonomic products for efficient and effective winter weather clearing each season. Chris was trained in the manufacturing process, and also got to witness an overview of the entire assembly line.

Afterward, Xtreme Snow Pros congregated with the other companies on the tour and compared their observations and notes moving forward. Peers shared their preferred machinery for effective winter weather clearing, providing the team with new information to implement this coming season.

Xtreme Snow Pros’ Chris Marino, is part of SIMA’s Member Peer Groups, comprised of 6 to 8 members that self-govern and meet to discuss snow industry best practices, labor trends, staffing, competition, market dynamics, economic trends, technologies and more.

Following the event, Chris happily brought home new information and learned techniques for revolutionizing the business practices for this coming winter weather season.