Client Portal Advantages from Xtreme Snow Pros

As a company that is dedicated to your personal satisfaction when it comes to winter weather monitoring for your business or commercial location, we’re proud to offer a client portal for viewing live progress on all your properties in the palm of your hand. Through our advancing technology, we offer a digital portal that we are able to set your personal preferences for receiving updates as they come in throughout different winter weather conditions. We’re all about incorporating the latest technology available to us today, and we’ve done just that through our responsive, digital platform.

Priding ourselves on being completely transparent to our clientele, we offer the ability for monitoring of your sites through our client portal. Gone are the days where you may have to question if they actually did the work they say they did. Through this portal, you are able to see which one of your properties have already been serviced, which properties have not yet been visited and which sites are currently in progress. We then send our collected information and updates to you in the form of notifications for either email or mobile device. Or we can give you access to all of this information through a web browser that you may utilize at your convenience at any time to monitor your property’s status. It’s up to you, our client, to select how you would like to be kept informed on what is happening on all your locations during snow events.

Essentially, our clients are able to review the status of their properties right from their pockets. Our fleets are also equipped with this same technology, enabling us to assess weather conditions on the road and in real-time from our machines. Once we get to your site and complete our services, we provide pictures of the completion to your client portal. You are able to monitor, in real-time, our progress and the status of your property so you never have to worry about personal injury lawsuits or injured customers again.

Consider adding a layer of customized protection through technological infrastructure this winter. Consider our Xtreme Snow Pros support today.