Pretreatment: Another Way Xtreme Snow Pros Keeps Your Property Safe

Most business owners today are unaware that snow and ice pretreatment is possible without laying pounds and pounds of salt on the ground. By pretreating properties, we are able to get out in front of the storm, keeping your property safer and your management costs lower.

What is pretreatment?

Pretreatment quite simply means proactively approaching snow and ice management today. By applying our pretreated liquid down before winter weather has a chance to settle, we prevent the bond of snow and ice to the pavement when applied before the storm.

It’s more than simply salting beforehand – like many companies will do. Different weather conditions call for different kinds of pretreatment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

For example, salt-based applications are the most effective on freezing rain and sleet. The salt chemical properties react with the water to cause it to melt. Our salt brine ‘Combat-Ice Enviro” solution is one that is catered for the environment without the harmful salty side effects. However, if two feet of snow is expected at your property tomorrow, laying down our melting liquid will give our crew a 1 to 2-inch head-start on keeping the snow from locking to your pavement.

Why pretreat?

If you don’t pretreat your commercial property, it could take up to 4x the material to combat against the already fallen weather. The longer it takes us to treat your property, the more hazardous conditions become, and the higher your management bill. Plus, the hazardous conditions are conducive to personal injury problems, leaving you with a never-ending legal nightmare.

Pretreatment is just another way we’re here to keep you and your clients safe this winter. Consider pretreatment for sparing your bank account, the surrounding environment, and your patrons every day this year.