Xtreme Snow Pros attends annual SIMA Symposium

Always passionate about being one step ahead of the competition, the Xtreme Snow Pros management team has been attending the Snow Ice & Management Association’s (SIMA) annual symposium for a few years now.

The annual SIMA Symposium is an international event that is also recognized as the industry’s largest conference and trade show in the world today for ice and snow professionals. It is an event uniquely focused on ice and snow, which brings innovative manufacturers and suppliers together with contractors for 2-days of trade show and 3-days of education, networking, and fun.

Intent on attending the 2017 get together, scheduled for June 20 to the 23 of this year, Xtreme Snow Pros have been staple members of the 2015 and 2016 events, bringing home awards and distinctions from both of their trips. Chris Marino, Founder and Owner of Xtreme Snow Pros, Glenn Kramer, Operations Manager, and other excited team attendees went along for the past two excursions to represent the Xtreme Snow Pros operation.

In addition to attending the symposium itself, the team also took part in the accompanying trade show and educational seminars designed to enhance everyone’s understanding of snow and ice management, specifically in the Northeast. While in attendance, the team brought home the 2015 and 2016 Safety Award, well earned for the company’s dedication to round the clock support and professional servicing to all clients. Xtreme Snow Pros places client safety above all else, garnering them the national distinction. The team is hoping to bring home a third one at the 2017 event.

The Xtreme Snow Pros team is presently enrolled with the SIMA ASM University for their 30-day course on Advanced Snow Management. The course includes Core Principles, Ice Management, Plowing Operations, and Sidewalk Operations. By April 1, the management team will have professionally recognized expertise specifically on snow and ice clearing. Passionate about being number one in the industry, the team is excited to share their certification with present and future clients.

Xtreme Snow Pros does all that they can to improve their snow and ice management standing for clients, presently functioning as an active member in SIMA’s organization. As one of the few companies around the entire Northeast that only focuses on snow management services, it makes sense that the team is working hard to achieve the awards and accreditation they deserve through SIMA. Xtreme Snow Pros does not offer landscaping or any other kind of environmental services. They stick to perfecting their one true passion: snow and ice management.

For more information on this year’s symposium, visit http://www.sima.org/show/symposium-home.