Using GPS Tracking Technology for Real-Time Client Support

If there’s one service industry today that requires attentive, real-time situational support for clients, it’s definitely the ice and snow removal industry. We work in a highly important and potentially dangerous servicing industry that can affect the health and safety of employees, site visitors, and consumers across the Northeast corridor. As such, we work hard to integrate the latest real-time technology and GPS-based support equipment for ensuring we provide unwavering real-time support and effective winter weather clearing services to all of our commercial clients.

We’ve discovered that the best way to ensure we’re servicing clients in the order of importance regarding impending weather forecasts is to use GPS tracking on every piece of equipment we own. From our Ventracs, Snowrators, to our Wheel Loaders and Skidsteers, every single one of our trucks is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. By installing this kind of equipment, we are then able to monitor progress live through our team of snow administrative specialists.

To take our real-time support to the next level, we have Live Radar overlaid on top of our GPS tracking system to keep us up-to-date with the latest weather conditions. Weather is fickle by nature, which means that although the weathermen may be predicting a certain amount of snowfall at a certain time, it doesn’t always mean that’s how it’s actually going to play out. By having this Live Radar capability, we are able to track the weather ahead of the meteorologists and make the best real-time decision for all of our clients.


Additionally, through the use of the breadcrumb tech feature, we are able to live monitor the progress on each of our individual client sites. If we notice ice activity at one, but not at the other, we are able to assess the situation and dispatch a team to ensure the client experience winter weather is provided with immediate support. By having this kind of insight, we are able to save our resources, time, and money charged to the clients. Plus, it prevents us from laying unneeded salt that harms surrounding environments, animals, and wears and tears on consumer vehicles.

By deploying this technology, we are able to improve our efficiency tenfold. And, by becoming a more efficient entity, this translates into not only better customer service, but also a reduction in costs to our clients.

Think about how many servicing companies out there that pursue a “one-size-fits-all” management approach, racking up a clientele bill that isn’t fair or representative of the real service provided. At Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re passionate about avoiding this very kind of wasteful and lazy management process. That’s why we’ve worked to integrate multiple layers of technological oversight for keeping our team ahead of the impending weather.

You deserve to have your commercial property inspected and protected by the best technology available in the ice and snow removal industry today.