Danielle Martinez, Snow Administrative Specialist at Xtreme Snow Pros, earns ASCA Certification


As a company continuously intent on having its staff accredited and educated on the latest industry standards for snow and ice removal, Xtreme Snow Pros this week excitedly announced that Danielle Martinez, a Snow Administrative Specialist at Xtreme Snow Pros, has officially earned her Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) Certification. Having successfully completed the necessary educational requirements and proven knowledge of established industry standards, Martinez joins the rest of TeamX as an expertly certified winter weather management and removal employee.

The ASCA is responsible for establishing the first “industry standards” for the professional snow and ice management industry today. The goal of establishing these standards and certification is so that operations across the country have a common educational platform from which they all manage their specific winter weather services. By establishing these standards, the ASCA is working to ensure there are lower instances of frivolous slip-and-fall claims, as well as personal injury lawsuits brought against all commercial property owners.

Martinez claimed that she was intent on earning her ASCA certification to ensure she can provide a superior level of customer service and professionalism in snow removal and ice mitigation in the future. As part of TeamX, she stated, it is their communal job to make sure all clients and their commercial properties stay safe and protected during winter’s harshest months.

To receive the accreditation, Martinez completed 10 one-hour, ASCA-approved online educational classes. After each session, she was issued a test and received a 90% or better on each of her tests to receive credit. Once this required classwork was completed, Martinez was officially issued her ASCA certification. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of issuance, requiring Martinez to go through the 10 hours of testing again this time next year. The ASCA requires yearly testing to ensure all participants are up-to-date with new industry developments, practices, and equipment now legalized for the winter weather management.

Xtreme Snow Pros requires all integral members of their team to receive ASCA certification. Passionate about providing safe, secure, and reliable customer service support 24/7, Xtreme Snow Pros knows they are keeping their clients protected by employing a team of ASCA professionals.

Martinez will now join the rest of TeamX as a formidable player in the Xtreme Snow Pros structure.