Want to join TeamX? You have to complete Xtreme University first!

Though typically snow and ice only falls in the Northeast corridor between the months of late October to early April, that doesn’t mean the Xtreme Snow Pros team takes any time to rest and forget about the impending weather. To them, being prepared to handle nature’s unforeseen twists and turns is part of the game, staying sharp and providing hands-on training to present and potential staff throughout the year.

Starting in October of every year, the family-owned ice management contractor requires potential TeamX members to take part in a rigorous, multi-day training that combines both classroom style elements as well as hands-on immersive challenges. Being in the snow business is a serious one, which means all staff needs to be expertly trained and equipped to handle the first blizzard of the season when it befalls New York and New Jersey. To Xtreme Snow Pros, that requires both intellectual training for identifying different emergency situations, as well as hands-on training for knowing exactly how to keep a client protected when nasty impending weather is on the way.

Through months and years of training and testing a practice system that is expertly developed to have every graduating member ready to be part of TeamX, Xtreme Snow Pros has created a system they feel can confidently ensure a standard of staff quality unavailable anywhere else today. The training puts all participants through replicated, real-world scenarios that are designed to both instill confidence in them as well as train them up to the intense standards that TeamX expects out of everyone.

Before candidates can even be admitted into the TeamX training, they are first prompted to complete a multi-hour online training course designed and developed by Xtreme University. The course is designed to vet candidates from the get-go and identify who has done their homework and knows a thing or two about snow and ice management in the Northeast. Course takers can take the test more than once if they choose, but preparing with materials and comprehensive reading beforehand is highly recommended.

For those who pass with shining colors, they are then admitted into the October hands-on training, becoming one step closer to TeamX. At the end of it all, the entity admits the best of the best, people who stepped up and showed promise through both the intellectual and physical demands.

Anyone interested in joining TeamX can watch a comprehensive YouTube video that covers all of the different training elements that go into the Xtreme Snow Pros training system. Though it may sound intimidating and difficult, it is also an incredibly rewarding, skills-based training that will leave all graduates feeling incredibly proud of their accomplishments. The best reward of all is being able to join the award-winning snow and ice management entity, trusted by thousands.

To watch the YouTube video, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48rjdoq3HFg