Team experts grow with ASCA certifications

Snow doesn’t disappear without the help of a quality commercial snow removal team.

There are many factors at play when Xtreme Snow Pros hits the streets and parking lots, snow plows down at full speed. This commercial snow and ice removal company company has a team of experts working for clients at every level.

The Snow Pros team recently had three members earn ASCA certification: Meg Shute, John Hinton and Chris Marino.

Chris is the owner and founder of Xtreme Snow Pros, which bases its fleet out of Ringwood, New Jersey.. Chris and his wife started Snow Pros, which spawned four other white and green industry companies in The Xtreme Group in Mahwah, N.J. Snow has been a part of Chris’ life since he was a child growing up in New Jersey. Xtreme Snow Pros now serves the needs of commercial clients across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Meg joined the Xtreme Snow Pros team in November 2015. She serves as office administrator, handling billing, payroll and human resources duties. In the event of a snowstorm, she plays a crucial role as dispatcher for the Snow Special Forces Unit, interacting with the snow command team and site supervisor specialists.

John Hinton’s career began with Snow Pros in 2012. He served as a snow site supervisor until he became a fleet technical specialist in April 2015. John manages the fleet during the peak snow event season and in between.

What is ASCA certification?

The ASCA, or Accredited Snow Contractors Association, provides specialized certification for those in the snow industry. As one of the top 100 snow contractors in North American, Xtreme Snow Pros ensures team members such as Chris, John and Meg receive the education they need to solidify their knowledge of the industry. This certification drives home the weekly training Xtreme provides in house.

Chris Marino finds these certifications serve clients well. “The certifications give our clients the confidence that we are highly trained to be able to provide our clients with the level of expertise they expect as well as provide them with a safe environment.”

A working knowledge of safety standards ensures competitive rates and efficient service for all Snow Pros clients. Most of the educational material covers risk management, an important skill for any industry like snow and ice removal.

Certification is an eight-hour process of education and testing that ensures a broad grasp of snow industry knowledge they can apply in their daily work. These three aren’t the only team members Xtreme plans have ASCA certified.

“Our plan is for all of our management as well as snow commanders and site supervisor specialists to become certified,” Marino said.


Chris, John and Meg’s certifications mark the second time this year that an Xtreme team member has been certified in 2016. This past winter, Glenn Kramer, Xtreme’s operations manager and a former New York firefighter, received his ASCA credentials.