A closer shave for Old Man Winter

Xtreme Snow Pros has staked its reputation in the Metropolitan area on innovative methods of snow and ice removal. From converting old military vehicles into winter warriors to ascending to the technological high ground with drones, Xtreme Snow Pros is always looking for an edge in its New Jersey operation.

In the case of plows, it’s a literal edge being sought.

Xtreme Snow Pros has introduced new plow technology to the snow pusher fleet with Live Edge Technology. Live Edge employs spring-loaded plates that adjust to uneven terrain and removes more snow than traditional plows.

In ancient civilizations, man used crude blades designed for hair removal, but the technology has evolved. There now are commercials promising the closest shave with blades that undulate across the contours of necks, jaws and shins, leaving silky patches in their wakes. Live Edge, essentially, is like a modern razor for roads and parking lots.

Consider concrete and asphalt the skin of your property. Layers of this material make it possible for roads and parking lot to be passable when seasonal elements rain down on it. Vehicles and commerce depend on the these tough skins.

Much like skin, it has certain sensitivities. It can only take so much before it chaps and crumbles. Conventional snow plow blades are much like the ancient tools used to carve smooth skin out of thickets of hair. A sure sign over the last half century that a man was running late for work were the crimson and white patches of tissue dancing around their Adam’s apples.  While cuts and razor rash were accepted for a while, technology moved forward to blades that flex against the surfaces they’re clearing.

Live Edge Technology on Xtreme Snow Pros’ snow pusher trucks mark the evolution of plow technology. It allows for more efficient and expedient removal of snow and ice. Businesses and daily commerce simply cannot afford to wait for the old technology to get the job done.

Live Edge reduces the nicks and gouges once accepted as part of the process, too. It traces along the contours of the concrete or asphalt without creating potholes or wearing down the surface unnecessarily.

A solution to chemical dependence

Using chemical deicers came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s. Snow removal methods have become dependent on chemical deicers such as rock salt. This is because plow technology could only do so much before Live Edge came along and removed the layers salt and other chemical deicers were intended to remove.

Research has caught up to the times and shown the environmental impact of chemical deicers.

In 2015, Lake George, NY, one of the beautiful vacation destinations in the southern Adirondack Mountains, worried deicers such as salts used for snow removal posed an environmental threat to the lake’s salt levels. In Spring 2015, an effort to prevent any further salt pollution of the freshwater lake, which “had tripled over a generation,”  led to a reduction of in the use of road salts.

The Lake George area, instead, depended on the use of Live Edge while reducing road salt use by 40 percent.

The environmental concern for Lake George is that the sodium and chloride pockets in the lake and groundwater concentrations could make the water too toxic for people, wildlife and plants to consume.

Xtreme Snow Pros strives to provide environmentally friendly commercial snow removal solutions to the Metropolitan Area, and Lake George is a working example of what needs to be done to preserve the integrity of the environment.

From the commercial client angle, relying less on deicers such as salt, reduces the need for pavement repair, saving your bottom line.

For asphalt, some road salts sink between the cracks in the surface. This can exacerbate the freeze-thaw cycle, leading to greater damage to the asphalt. In the case of applying salt to concrete, the salts can sink into steel-reinforced concrete and corrode the rebar and threaten the integrity of the structure. This is much the same way road salts eat away at the metals used in automobiles. Every year, vehicle owners must be vigilant in washing the chalky layers of salt from the vehicle’s bodies or else have their investments of $20,000 or more reduced to rusted heaps before they’ve paid for them in full.

Technology has not advanced to the point salt is an obsolete tool. Road salt assists in preventing the accumulation of snow and ice after the plows have passed. Restricting the amount of salt or snow-sapping abrasives, such as the old standards of sand or cinder, will improve the health of the environment and that of automobile owners across eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and southern New York.

Live Edge Technology is one more step toward winter independence from chemical deicers. For that, Xtreme Snow Pros is proud to be at the forefront of more efficient snow removal. Check out Metal Pless to learn more about Live Edge Technology.