Big show primes Xtreme Snow Pros for winter’s big storms

Xtreme Snow Pros Montreal Trip.png

 There are two ways you can approach snow, on the ground and--in the air?

Xtreme Snow Pros has decided to take flight with the implementation of drones this year. Owner Chris Marino traveled from New Jersey with his son to one of the snowiest provinces in eastern Canada for the Montreal Expo Grands Travaux in April.

This heavy machine exhibition showcased some of the most cutting-edge snow removal technology in the world, including truck- and loader-mounted plows and snow blowers, salters, sanders, de-icers, spreaders and anything else repellent to snow.

So many toys, yet too little time at this two-day show.

The expo also included educational seminars presented by the Snow and Ice Management Association.These provided industry insights such as managing snow in the tight confines of cities.


Going abroad seeking better solutions for the Metropolitan Area

If anyone in North America understands snow, it’s the Canadians. The average snowfall in across eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Downstate New York adds up to 24 inches each year. That’s about knee high for the average adult male. The entire province of Quebec registers around four times that amount, about 106 inches. That’s the equivalent of a 10-story building. With this disparity in snow fall, it’s natural that manufacturers in Canada may put more of an emphasis on bigger is better when it comes to their snow equipment.

So, commuters in the Metropolitan Area aren’t exactly tunneling their way to work under a mountain of snow, but even an inch is enough to wreak havoc from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. The equipment available stateside grossly underestimates the desire for efficient commercial snow removal.

The disadvantage for the competitors who don’t attend this international shows is that they aren’t typically exposed to these manufacturers in the United States. Chris and Xtreme Snow Pros don’t believe in half measures when it comes to clearing tons of powder. Xtreme Snow Pros routinely seeks innovative solutions that effectively push aside the inconveniences of winter so you can get on with your day.

Clearing the ground by taking to the air

In addition to kicking around specs with plow manufacturers, the drones Chris and his son scouted are one way Xtreme Snow Pros plans to get ahead of next winter.

The drones give our crews a new perspective on documenting sites previously unavailable. This allows them to anticipate challenges for our clients and collect information on existing damage to sites.


It wasn’t all about the snow tech in Montreal for Chris. Having his son by his side perpetuated a family tradition spanning three decades. Chris used it as a learning experience for his son, whom he hopes will one day take over the family business.

“I am trying to pass on not only spending quality time but introduce him at a young age to all the different parts of the business,” Chris said. “I’m trying to express to him that when you’re in business, don’t just look locally at your competition. Look globally.”