XSP is preparing for winter with new (cool!) equipment

At Xtreme Snow Pros, we like the challenge of purchasing used equipment that we can repurpose to make functional for our winter operations. By reusing equipment, we put ex-military vehicles to good use and add a touch of “green” to our white winters. Our projects are not only earth-friendly and exciting, but also revolutionary. Our repurposed vehicles add a unique spin on an ordinary snow operation. Here are a few projects we are currently working on:

We’re in the process of converting an Oshkosh M1070 into an equipment mover for our logistics division. The machine was previously used for carrying tanks into battle; now, we can utilize the resource to move equipment during storms. This incredible piece of equipment can pull up to 240K pounds.

This project is an explosive addition to our fleet. Previously used to transport military missiles, this trailer has been repurposed to be a mobile brine-making machine. The trailer will be used to produce up to 5,000 gallons of brine per hour – an innovative resource to add to our snow operations.

Our snow team will be ready to go, day or night, this winter thanks to one of our latest projects – a snow command center. Previously a mobile electronics workshop, the snow command center will be equipped its own power source and computers and be used by our team to coordinate efforts within a specific region during storms.