Xtreme Snow Pros Expanding Coverage Area to Hudson Valley


As you could’ve guessed, we’re never content with accepting stagnation in our company’s growth and expansion opportunities. Though we are known for our unwavering support to New Jersey and New York City located communities, we have opted to expand our service coverage even further, bringing our expertly curated company infrastructure and communication system to even more commercial businesses in need of our winter weather monitoring and snow removal services.

Starting for the 2017-2018 Winter Season, we are now covering the greater Hudson Valley area, including Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Newburgh, and Kingston – just to name a few. Aware that our supportive system lends itself to being replicated and reproduced in multiple new communities per month, we felt expanding northward into the Hudson Valley was a great move for our commercial client support. Since communities to the north of us experience worse winter weather and snow accumulation, we figured the Hudson Valley is in desperate need of our committed and tech-based support through real-time weather monitoring.

We are able to service communities farther away from our New Jersey base due to our growing technological equipment, GPS live weather monitoring and machine monitoring, Live Radar infrastructure for watching weather as it happens, and of course, unwavering customer support for ensuring our clients are provided with immediate and valuable care.

With our GPS equipment, we are able to see, in real-time, what the conditions look like from all of our Ventracs, Snowrators, Wheel Loaders, Skidsteers, and trucks as it happens. Our trucks are then able to monitor progress live through our team of snow administrative specialists. By having this kind of insight, even though Poughkeepsie is a few hours away from us, we are able to see what present and future winter weather is headed for our client locations.

To make our real-time support that much more fortified, we have Live Radar equipment overlaid to keep us up to date with the latest winter weather conditions at specific locations. This kind of Intel helps us identify which commercial properties are in need of more snow removal, de-icing, and salting than others. Since winter weather is ever changing and varies tremendously by region, we are able to assess which upcoming regions are going to be hit hardest by impending weather.

By deploying this kind of technology, we are able to not only service a broad spectrum of commercial clients, we are also able to reduce costs and wasteful salting at property locations. Since we know who needs what and when they need it, we are able to curb management costs – which is better for both our operation and our clients in the end.

So, if you or someone you know has a store setup in the greater Hudson Valley region, we want to help keep all properties safely cleared of snow and ice. No one wants a personal injury lawsuit on their hands, and the perfect way to avoid that is with a snow removal company that cares about customer satisfaction.

Using GPS Tracking Technology for Real-Time Client Support

If there’s one service industry today that requires attentive, real-time situational support for clients, it’s definitely the ice and snow removal industry. We work in a highly important and potentially dangerous servicing industry that can affect the health and safety of employees, site visitors, and consumers across the Northeast corridor. As such, we work hard to integrate the latest real-time technology and GPS-based support equipment for ensuring we provide unwavering real-time support and effective winter weather clearing services to all of our commercial clients.

We’ve discovered that the best way to ensure we’re servicing clients in the order of importance regarding impending weather forecasts is to use GPS tracking on every piece of equipment we own. From our Ventracs, Snowrators, to our Wheel Loaders and Skidsteers, every single one of our trucks is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. By installing this kind of equipment, we are then able to monitor progress live through our team of snow administrative specialists.

To take our real-time support to the next level, we have Live Radar overlaid on top of our GPS tracking system to keep us up-to-date with the latest weather conditions. Weather is fickle by nature, which means that although the weathermen may be predicting a certain amount of snowfall at a certain time, it doesn’t always mean that’s how it’s actually going to play out. By having this Live Radar capability, we are able to track the weather ahead of the meteorologists and make the best real-time decision for all of our clients.


Additionally, through the use of the breadcrumb tech feature, we are able to live monitor the progress on each of our individual client sites. If we notice ice activity at one, but not at the other, we are able to assess the situation and dispatch a team to ensure the client experience winter weather is provided with immediate support. By having this kind of insight, we are able to save our resources, time, and money charged to the clients. Plus, it prevents us from laying unneeded salt that harms surrounding environments, animals, and wears and tears on consumer vehicles.

By deploying this technology, we are able to improve our efficiency tenfold. And, by becoming a more efficient entity, this translates into not only better customer service, but also a reduction in costs to our clients.

Think about how many servicing companies out there that pursue a “one-size-fits-all” management approach, racking up a clientele bill that isn’t fair or representative of the real service provided. At Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re passionate about avoiding this very kind of wasteful and lazy management process. That’s why we’ve worked to integrate multiple layers of technological oversight for keeping our team ahead of the impending weather.

You deserve to have your commercial property inspected and protected by the best technology available in the ice and snow removal industry today.

Why Work with Xtreme Snow Pros?


“Relentless about continual improvement, our team never stops advancing our understanding of snow and ice removal techniques, management, and oversight in our New Jersey and New York service area.”


That’s our cornerstone foundation here at Xtreme Snow Pros. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We know that like every industry, ours is constantly changing, with new equipment, improvements, and technology available for integration into the process. By committing ourselves to relentless continual improvement, our team never rests to accept mediocrity. We are in a never-ending pursuit of company improvement so that at the end of the day, we provide our clients with the very best snow and ice removal services available today.

This message is the best way to describe where our operation is right now. Constantly researching new ways to provide a seamless snow and ice removal process for our commercial clients, we are in the process of having our staff certified in new removal techniques, while also working to integrate new products from our sister companies for the most streamlined removal service possible. Our Business Developer, Joe Capobianco, is now ASCA certified by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association for his expert knowledge of industry standards. Even more telling, our team is presently attending the first class of ASM University, owned by Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), to complete a program for nationally recognized credentials.

We’re passionately committed to harnessing technological innovation in our process, and we offer real-time weather monitoring and GPS tracking of crewmembers with client portal access. We use LiveEdge Technology to reduce the use of salt for helping surrounding environments and wildlife. We use remote webcams to monitor live weather and continuous updates. We send storm alerts out through our automated platform to clients up to 3 days in advance before an impending storm. And we offer immediate communication channels through email to keep our clients alert, and ensure we provide the answers everyone is looking for at a moment’s notice.

Though this is a great place for us to be in right now, we’re never satisfied with relaxing and sitting back. We know that new technological tools will be developed this year to ensure our salt usage, property care, and real-time monitoring is even more seamless.

In the mean time, to guarantee our high quality of performance demand is always met, we put our potential staff through Xtreme University first before they can join our TeamX. We not only test them rigorously through paper testing, we also put them through simulated real-life scenarios to see if they have what it truly takes.

There is only one word appropriate for describing us: relentless. Don’t consider working with a service company that isn’t as passionate about being relentless as we are.

Xtreme Snow Pros Business Developer Joseph Capobianco now ASCA Certified

Joe Capobianco Jr, the Business Developer for Xtreme Snow Pros has successfully completed the necessary educational requirements and has proven knowledgeable of established industry standards to earn “ASCA Certified” status by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.

“I believe strongly in abiding by established industry standards for snow and ice management,” Capobianco says. “Earning ‘ASCA Certified’ status lets others know that I practice and provide a superior level of customer service and professionalism in snow removal and ice mitigation, which is important in keeping my clients’ employees and customers safe throughout the winter months, as well as reducing their exposure to slip-and-fall litigation.”

The association's "ASCA Certified" program is the result of establishing the first "industry standards" for the professional snow and ice management industry. The ASCA’s overall goal of establishing standards and a certification process is to lower instances of frivolous slip-and-fall claims and to control insurance premiums.

“Anyone who engages in snow and ice management, or contracts for this essential winter service, understands how baseless slip-and-fall personal injury claims have gotten out of control, caused liability insurance rates to skyrocket, and has had a negative impact on many small businesses’ bottom-lines during these fiscally challenging times,” says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. “It is our belief that the ‘ASCA Certified’ designation will serve as a strong deterrent to plaintiff’s attorneys pursuing these frivolous claims, and will help snow contractors work with their clients – property owners and managers – to provide the safest conditions possible during winter weather events.”

ASCA members receive the certification status after completing 10 hours of one-hour, ASCA-approved online educational classes. After each session, a test is issued and must be passed (80% is a passing grade) to receive credit. Once the required class work is completed ASCA certification is issued to the contractor. This is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Contractors are required to take 10 hours of online continuing education through the ASCA in order to update their certification status.

Continued Education - Advanced Snow Management Certification

The team behind New Jersey and New York’s Xtreme Snow Pros operation this week announced they are attending the first class of ASM University, owned by the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), in pursuit of having official Advance Snow Manager certification by April 1, 2017. Chris Marino, Glenn Kramer, and Joe Capobianco will all be in attendance as they complete a program for earning a nationally recognized credential that will set the Xtreme Snow Pros Company apart from the competition.

SIMA’s ASM University encourages any number of employees to become Advanced Snow Managers so all clients can know they are working with experienced and serious professionals. The program can be completed in 30 days, and it saves all attendees time, money, and skill development with expert course instructors and hands-on staff assistants. The course was developed with snow professionals from across the United States and Canada in mind, in alignment with professional training best practices.

To ensure all students walk away with a better understanding of the snow and ice management industries, the program is impactful, using video, images diagrams, and quizzes that are available at any time. The materials are then available for years after the program so all participants can refresh their memories and stay sharp on their newfound knowledge. For each student who completes the course, they will receive an official marketing kit to help them better inform their clientele of their distinguished certification.

The Xtreme Snow Pros team is part of the March certification program, slated to be completed on April 1. By achieving the SIMA certification, Xtreme Snow Pros will be able to boast their expertise in the areas of snow and ice management, specifically in their designated New Jersey and New York service areas.

The team felt passionate about being part of SIMA’s latest course because they want to be one step ahead of everyone else in the game. Xtreme Snow Pros understands that people want to feel confident about a company tasked with keeping their surroundings safe in the winter. Being able to present official certification with a nationally renowned organization for potential clients will assure them that they are always in great hands with Xtreme Snow Pros management.

SIMA is part of an elite organizational group, less than 50 in number, that have achieved ANSI accreditation for issuing certificates, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and the Institute of Food Safety, Health & Hygiene. SIMA issues certificates in the following courses: Advanced Snow Management, Core Principles, Advanced Snow Management, Ice Management, Advanced Snow Management, Plowing Operations, and Advanced Snow Management, Sidewalk Operations.

For more information on SIMA’s course, visit: http://www.sima.org/education/advanced-snow-management/asm-university