The Real Reason Why Xtreme Snow Pros Picks Custom Packages for Each Client

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to winter weather prevention and snow/ice removal today. Customization is the only way to approach each and every one of our clients, adhering to their unique requirements, property sizes and configurations, and clientele, ensuring that everyone is supported and kept safe during the Nor’easters that continue to ravage our communities. We have a Zero Tolerance, Silver, and Gold Package that were made with the hard-working New Jersey and New York business owners and government employees in mind.

Our Custom Packages

We proudly work with hospitals, shopping centers, 24-hour stores, office complexes, home owner associations, warehouses, businesses, and more today. These are very different operations with very different commercial parking lot configurations, which is why we approach each and every one of them as their own separate project. Our custom packages were made with these people in mind, working to support anyone and everyone, no matter what they require or the snow that is falling from the sky.


Zero Tolerance Package: Based off of needs and priorities, this package speaks for itself. Made with hospitals, airports, and warehouses in mind, this is a preemptive package that offers real-time updates and access to our team, with our winter weather trackers keeping us in the know before snow falls. Sidewalks are cleared as the snow falls, constant service is supplied throughout the storm, and refreeze ice melt application is laid as needed.


Gold Package: As our most common package, our Gold Package is a mixture of the Zero and Silver Package services. Plowing starts at 1 inch and every 2 inches thereafter, with sidewalks cleared every 4 inches of snow. Weather alerts are emailed prior to the storm, and client portal access is available throughout the service.


Silver Package: Including our access to the client portal, weather alerts emailed prior to each storm, and treatment applied post snow or ice-fall, our Silver Package is a great option for locations looking to get started with winter weather support.

Each year, we only accept a limited amount of new work in order to guarantee complete dedication to the accounts we maintain. Although we continue to expand our fleet and work on importing newer machinery that can accommodate our businesses during these winter weather storms, we are a custom tailored operation that wants you to be part of our community. We’ve made different packages for different winter weather requirements because we want our trusted clients to be completely covered, prepared, and safe during these trying wintry months.

That’s the real reason we offer custom packages here at Xtreme Snow Pros.


Xtreme Snow Pros Among Few Companies Picked to Try Left Hand Robotics Sidewalk Machine

We had an exciting opportunity this week. The Xtreme Snow Pros team was one of the few in the entire country that has handpicked by Left Hand Robotics to try out a new and innovative invention: the Automated Sidewalk Machine.

SnowBot PRO

Called the SnowBot PRO, Left Hand Robotics has released the world’s first self-driving, commercial-class snow clearing robot, now operating at pilot custom locations across North America. The bot clears snow from sidewalks, dramatically reducing labor expense for snow management operators while producing better overall results. Additionally, leveraging such technology will help everyone to diminish the amount of slip-and-fall accidents that are attributed to snow and ice on sidewalks.


State-of-the-art technologies enable the GPS-navigated robot to operate autonomously to clear snowy sidewalks with down-to-the-inch accuracy. The bot comes with five types of sensors, including LIDAR and thermal sensors for safety. Customers can then monitor the robot’s progress in real-time from the web or mobile phone apps that are synced with the service.

Automating what was once a tedious, repetitive, and physically taxing snow clearing task, the robot is showing us that you can take something time consuming and make it a non-issue with a little technology. The company has already experienced great success with the amount of interested users, Xtreme Snow Pros definitely being among that list.

Based in Longmont, Colorado, Left Hand Robotics works hard to utilize technological resources and new ideas in the creation of their automated products. They work with innovative automation and advanced technology solutions to outdoor industries, thus allowing businesses to scale by reducing costs due to labor. They’ve been in the game for over 50-years. Happy to have collaborated with Xtreme Snow Pros, the two teams took some photos together as our winter clearing company enjoyed the full suite of benefits that come with the SnowBot PRO.

Our Technological Commitment

Being that we always leverage cutting edge technology to expedite our processes while providing better service to each and every one of our clients, we are constantly open to testing out new products, tools, and software that makes us the #1 winter weather clearing operation. This is how we stay ahead, which is why we had a great time collaborating with Left Hand Robotics. Technology is the way of the future, and we are open to integrating any and every new machine into our operation. Automated sidewalk clearing machines will become more popular in the future, and we plan to be an integral user in the coming years.

Xtreme Snow Pros Receive First Line of New Ventrac SSV Sidewalk Machines


We’re not happy unless we’re ahead of the pack, which means getting our hands on brand-new, never-before used sidewalk machines, straight out of the Ventrac Compact Tractors warehouse. We’ve been working with Ventrac for years, as a trusted provider of dependable and quality machinery we use to keep our clients and their properties safe. Uniquely superior, there isn’t any other tractor company out there that we would want to work with when it comes to these types of machines.

The Drop Off

Ventrac came by with their new line, red painted and squeaky clean, for a monumental drop-off at our New Jersey location. They even custom fitted our logo on the machines too! Working with Chris Marino and his input into what these new tractors should look like/offer users, we couldn’t believe our eyes when the finished product was brought to our doorstep. Four SSV Ventracs in total were delivered to us, with Chris happily in attendance, observing the finished product after months of collaboration between our entity and Ventrac. These four tractors were the first ones from their new line, which will now be made available to other interested patrons.

During the drop-off, a YouTube video was recorded, documenting Ventrac and Chris, as well as the drop-off and the features of the brand new machines. The YouTube video was recorded for their site, and will be used to highlight the kind of service and support they can provide winter weather clearing companies and entities today.

Our Commitment

We want to thank Ventrac for working hard alongside our company, always striving to achieve perfection. That is certainly the standard that we live up to as an operation, and we couldn’t make it possible without the companies that innovate and design the products we leverage and master on behalf of our clients. Winter weather is no joke, and we want to keep our clients’ commercial properties as safe and properly managed as possible.

Although the winter season is (hopefully) coming to an end, we are a year-round operation, constantly designing new services, stocking up on top performance equipment, and collaborating for new inventions that will help us make winters as navigable as possible for our clients.


Xtreme Snow Pros Adds Additional Machines to Meet Mounting Client Demand


It’s no secret that the 2018 winter season has been a fun but a rough one too. It could potentially go on for another month, but reflecting on the last 5-months, it has been a winter that many will forever remember. As the winter weather, snow, ice, and other dangerous materials fell from the sky, more and more business owners reached out to us, looking for our commercial property support. Personal injury lawsuits can break a business, and we work to ensure that everyone is happy and safe on commercial properties, starting with our proprietary winter weather clearing services and of course, machines.

In order to keep up with the mounting demand, we proudly added new machines to our Xtreme Snow Pros fleet this winter. We are firm believers in owning our own equipment, running everything ourselves, in-house, to ensure our 24-7 commitment and support is guaranteed without having to rely on some other company. We don’t rent our equipment. We go out and buy it, managing every part and inspecting the machines weekly to ensure they will perform when performance really counts.

JCB Loaders

To answer the call, our team bought a large amount of JCB loaders, both of the medium and large duty sizes, to help cover every property in our service region. JCB even flew our owner, Chris Marino, down to look at the machines in person, analyzing if they were the right fit for our fleet. Chris was able to work with JCB, collaborate, and really mull over options before the right machines were selected.

JCB has been an incredible company to work with, always showing their support for our operation and supplying us with top quality equipment that will never falter or succumb to the intimidating winter weather. We have purchased dozens of machines from their operation over the past few years, and intend to do so during the coming years.

Chris proudly brought back our new JCBs to rev up our offerings and expand our clientele. It can be hard to predict what kind of winter lies ahead, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Although you might be tired of the cold, sleet, wind, and snow, it can come out of left field and leave everyone off guard. We take care of your commercial property so you can focus on what really counts: running your business and improving revenue. One of the best ways to do that is to circumvent personal injury lawsuits, which is what we can guarantee with our 24-7 winter clearing support and technological infrastructure that gives us live updates of wintry conditions.

Our team is here to support you.


Xtreme Snow Pros Takes Part in West Milford Autumn Lights Festival

As a snow and ice clearing company that’s about more than just our services, we work hard to integrate ourselves into the incredible communities that we support today. Having just bought property in West Milford, we’ve been working hard to acquaint ourselves with the community members and really get to know the people and businesses that make up the backbone of the West Milford community.

Expanding our servicing area into a new region in 2018 has our team very excited, and we can’t wait to mingle even more with the West Milford community heading into the future.

The West Milford Autumn Lights Festival

This past October, our Xtreme Snow Pros team took part in the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival: 23rd Annual Celebration of West Milford. As a celebration that is very important to the community, and one that has been going on for 23-years, we were very excited to be part of the event and introduce our team, our values and our services to all those in attendance. Taking place from 10AM until 5PM on Saturday, October 14th, over 250 vendors, children’s entertainment companies, and rides were available to the friends and families at the celebration.

Starting at 10AM, the Character Parade, where children and parents paraded at the triangle starting at the Shoprite, presented kids and parents with the opportunity to sport their Halloween costumes. Princess Bella, Princess Poppy, Batman, Big Red Dog, and Blue Karate Turtle led the excursion, finishing just 1-hour later.

The Xtreme Snow Pros team took part in the daily festivities, bringing along their HET as well as several other pieces of equipment that they showcased and discussed with all interested viewers. Children were able to see the pieces up close and personal, spending time to learn about what our team does during the dangerous winter months. Working hard to network with everyone who stopped by, we had some awesome conversations with parents, students, and children thinking about going into a career of winter weather clearing and removal. To inspire that kind of excitement was really rewarding for our team.



Xtreme Snow Pros in 2018

As we head into the new year, we are planning to immerse ourselves in even more community activities, showing all of our clients that we are a transparent operation. We’d be nothing without the communities we serve, and we want to integrate our services and support into every local business that shows interest. Stay safe for the remainder of the 2018 winter, and consider what winter weather removal services can do for the longevity of your company