Xtreme Snow Pros’ Chris Marino Attends Snow Warrior Conference Maine

Earlier this week, Chris Marino, traveled north to attend a multi-day event in Maine. Called the Snow Warrior Conference Maine, the event fostered collaboration between business peers all working within the greater snow and ice management industries. As part of the Snow & Ice Management (SIMA) Member Peer Groups initiative, Xtreme Snow Pro was able to collaborate and communicate with other industry leaders and their management performance.

During the event, Marino worked with his group peers to come up with hypothetical solutions to issues and unforeseen obstacles they could expect while out on the road. By partaking in this kind of roundtable event, Xtreme Snow Pros was rewarded with new ideas and recommendations for snow and ice management that other companies are already implementing today. Since specific markets from around the country require different kind of response times and preparedness, new techniques were shared from the West Coast with those located on the East Coast.

Whilst at the event, Marino had the opportunity to go on a factory tour for Fisher Engineering, which is part of Douglas Dynamics. Xtreme Snow Pros purchases their snow plows and salters from Douglas, where they then use them for the management of their various Northeastern clientele properties. On the tour, he was exposed to the lean manufacturing process at Douglas Dynamics, and how they design their ergonomic products for efficient and effective winter weather clearing each season. Chris was trained in the manufacturing process, and also got to witness an overview of the entire assembly line.

Afterward, Xtreme Snow Pros congregated with the other companies on the tour and compared their observations and notes moving forward. Peers shared their preferred machinery for effective winter weather clearing, providing the team with new information to implement this coming season.

Xtreme Snow Pros’ Chris Marino, is part of SIMA’s Member Peer Groups, comprised of 6 to 8 members that self-govern and meet to discuss snow industry best practices, labor trends, staffing, competition, market dynamics, economic trends, technologies and more.

Following the event, Chris happily brought home new information and learned techniques for revolutionizing the business practices for this coming winter weather season.

Client Portal Advantages from Xtreme Snow Pros

As a company that is dedicated to your personal satisfaction when it comes to winter weather monitoring for your business or commercial location, we’re proud to offer a client portal for viewing live progress on all your properties in the palm of your hand. Through our advancing technology, we offer a digital portal that we are able to set your personal preferences for receiving updates as they come in throughout different winter weather conditions. We’re all about incorporating the latest technology available to us today, and we’ve done just that through our responsive, digital platform.

Priding ourselves on being completely transparent to our clientele, we offer the ability for monitoring of your sites through our client portal. Gone are the days where you may have to question if they actually did the work they say they did. Through this portal, you are able to see which one of your properties have already been serviced, which properties have not yet been visited and which sites are currently in progress. We then send our collected information and updates to you in the form of notifications for either email or mobile device. Or we can give you access to all of this information through a web browser that you may utilize at your convenience at any time to monitor your property’s status. It’s up to you, our client, to select how you would like to be kept informed on what is happening on all your locations during snow events.

Essentially, our clients are able to review the status of their properties right from their pockets. Our fleets are also equipped with this same technology, enabling us to assess weather conditions on the road and in real-time from our machines. Once we get to your site and complete our services, we provide pictures of the completion to your client portal. You are able to monitor, in real-time, our progress and the status of your property so you never have to worry about personal injury lawsuits or injured customers again.

Consider adding a layer of customized protection through technological infrastructure this winter. Consider our Xtreme Snow Pros support today.

Chris Marino Speaks as Featured Panelist at This Year’s ‘Snow and Ice Show’

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) and Snow Magazine teamed up to launch a comprehensive educational convention this year, the Snow and Ice Show, in Indianapolis. The event featured education, certification, networking, and the latest snow-fighting tools for increased efficiency and profitability. Taking place from May 17 until the 19, the 3-day extravaganza delivered convention goers with invaluable information, training recommendations, and expert oversight for application in their own personal operations.

As a regionally accredited and recognized snow management and ice removal company in the Northeast today, Xtreme Snow Pros was sought out as a featured panelist for the resource-rich convention. Chris Marino, the Owner and visionary behind the Xtreme Snow Pros operation, spoke on a panel to his peers at the Indianapolis event, providing his knowledge on the snow and ice industry regarding is favorite sector: technology.

Starting with the Wednesday slot on the first day, at noon Marino covered the generic Technology course, presenting different technological solutions being utilized by some of the top snow and ice management contractors across the countries to attendees. He provided specific examples regarding the various real-time weather, machine, and onsite monitoring technology that Xtreme Snow Pros utilizes with all of their clients to mitigate management costs and over-salting.

The next day, starting at 9AM, Marino was part of the Equipment Purchasing & Management panel. During this segment, industry leaders chatted about equipment that is most important to their snow and ice management operation. “Without it, you are out of business,” proclaimed Marino during the panel. He spoke on how to acquire and maintain fleets so the team is ready to service every client when heavy amounts of snow start falling. For this panel, Marino drew on his experience with sister company Xtreme Equipment Solutions, and what kind of high-quality specifications they look for when adding new equipment to their reputable fleet.

The 3-day event wrapped up on Friday, with all members of the Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team in attendance. Aside from the featured panels for Marino, the rest of the team sat in on countless demonstrations, educational panels, and networking engagements to learn more about what industry participants are doing to deliver the best snow and ice management to their clients today.

Xtreme Snow Pros Leadership Team Attends This Year’s ‘Snow and Ice Show’ in Indianapolis

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA), a national snow contracting organization dedicated to providing accreditation, certification, and education to all North American snow and ice removal companies, this year teamed up with Snow Magazine to introduce the Snow and Ice Show, a new industry event that is focusing on education, certification, networking, and the latest snow-fighting tools for increased efficiency and profitability.

As part of their continued efforts to learn and know the latest ice and snow removal developments and standards as they occur, the Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team traveled to Indianapolis this past week to attend the 3-day event, kicking off on May 17 and wrapping up May 19. In attendance was Chris Marino, Owner, Glenn Kramer, Director of Operations, and Joe Capobianco, the Business Developer. The comprehensive conference provided opportunities for the Xtreme Snow Pros team to view the latest industry equipment, supplies, and ice management services for them to witness and consider implementing into the Xtreme Snow Pros management process.

The Snow and Ice Show was developed by the ASCA to fill a void in the snow and ice management market for ASCA in-classroom certification; industry-specific, high-quality educational programming; and elite peer-to-peer networking opportunities. The conference was focused on the modern principles of successful snow and ice management, how to reduce risk, insurance rates, and personal injuries that lead to expensive lawsuits. The gear featured catered to industry leaders who wish to become industry change agents.

As part of their participation in the event, the Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team sat in on daily presentations, exhibitions, and educational forums that shared new information regarding snow removal practices and what machinery is most appropriate given the weather conditions.

The Xtreme Snow Pros leadership team goes to multiple accreditation conferences per year to ensure their award-winning company stays atop the competition in New Jersey. Aware that industry standards are always changing and developing, the team constantly sits in on newly developed courses for consistently earning the latest certificates that prove their seriousness about winter weather management and removal.

Pretreatment: Another Way Xtreme Snow Pros Keeps Your Property Safe

Most business owners today are unaware that snow and ice pretreatment is possible without laying pounds and pounds of salt on the ground. By pretreating properties, we are able to get out in front of the storm, keeping your property safer and your management costs lower.

What is pretreatment?

Pretreatment quite simply means proactively approaching snow and ice management today. By applying our pretreated liquid down before winter weather has a chance to settle, we prevent the bond of snow and ice to the pavement when applied before the storm.

It’s more than simply salting beforehand – like many companies will do. Different weather conditions call for different kinds of pretreatment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

For example, salt-based applications are the most effective on freezing rain and sleet. The salt chemical properties react with the water to cause it to melt. Our salt brine ‘Combat-Ice Enviro” solution is one that is catered for the environment without the harmful salty side effects. However, if two feet of snow is expected at your property tomorrow, laying down our melting liquid will give our crew a 1 to 2-inch head-start on keeping the snow from locking to your pavement.

Why pretreat?

If you don’t pretreat your commercial property, it could take up to 4x the material to combat against the already fallen weather. The longer it takes us to treat your property, the more hazardous conditions become, and the higher your management bill. Plus, the hazardous conditions are conducive to personal injury problems, leaving you with a never-ending legal nightmare.

Pretreatment is just another way we’re here to keep you and your clients safe this winter. Consider pretreatment for sparing your bank account, the surrounding environment, and your patrons every day this year.