Chris Marino Tours Sidewalk Management Ventrac Factory in Ohio


There’s a lot that goes into our comprehensive winter weather management services, and one big part of that is our ability to keep sidewalks clean and clear during snow and ice storms. Clients are most likely to slip and fall on the sidewalks leading into buildings, which is where the costly personal injury lawsuits can come from. As a snow and ice management company, we do everything in our power to ensure a lawsuit never befalls our commercial clients.

As such, we are always traveling, reading, and learning about best practices that withstand the Northeast’s brutal winter weather.


Last week, our owner, Chris Marino, went out to the Ventrac’s Factory in Orrville, Ohio to take a factory tour and learn more about their sidewalk management equipment line. Planning to discuss sidewalk management practices, optimized equipment, and future inventions that will improve the entire industry.

Xtreme Snow Pros relies heavily on Ventrac’s equipment for sidewalk management today. Ventrac is a reliable, American-made producer that offers site preparation, lead management, material loading and moving, aeration, brush mowing, sidewalk snow management, tractor management, and slope mowing solutions. Notable product advantages include turf distance, American-made, comfort and controls, weight transfer, powerful finish, and reliability that can withstand winter after winter.

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Xtreme Snow Pros Commitment

We’re always preparing for the worst winter ever ahead, and that starts with understanding the equipment we own and how we can best prepare it for what lies ahead. Marino and other members of our executive team are constantly traveling to exhibitions, conferences, classes, and facilities to inspect the equipment we use and how it is officially assembled. Marino is on a mission to observe the entire assembly process from start to finish, as well as learn more about what truly goes into the development of sidewalk maintenance and management equipment.

A reliable snow and ice removal business is more than just a company with weather monitoring equipment. We need our product developers too for the most innovative snow fighting equipment designs.

Xtreme Snow Pros Launches New Employee Referral Program

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Here at Xtreme Snow Pros, we’re constantly looking for new talented members to join our team that passionately work to spread the word about what we do here. One of the most effective ways to reach new people and communities today is through a referral structure. Referral marketing, or a method of reaching new customers through referrals, which occurs through word of mouth, email marketing, and cold calling, is an effective way to influence how many people are learning about Xtreme Snow Pros.

This week, we proudly launched the Xtreme Snow Pros Employee Referral Program. We are looking for dedicated TeamX members to join our team just in time for the forthcoming winter season, and we believe the best possible way to do this is through reliable referrals.

Employee Referral Program

Our program is paying out a total of $200 per referral, and every referral must be able to attend every event, with the exception of one. This holds true for all positions except shovelers. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that there is a potential for unlimited earnings with this new referral program.

Open jobs for referrals include Snowrator Specialist, Skid Steer Specialist, Wheel Loader Operator, Ice Control Specialist, Agricultural Tractor Specialist, Ventrac Operating Specialist, Snow Site Supervisor, and Snow Plow Specialist.

Our portal is officially open to anyone wishing to make a referral to our team today. Winter is just weeks away, and though no one wants to think about, we’re busy preparing our team, infrastructure, equipment, and resources for what wintery weather lies ahead. One easy way for us to get into contact with the individuals that we need is through this new Employee Referral Program.


We don’t just let anyone waltz in and join TeamX. TeamX is a team of committed, passionate, and collaborative individuals who are able to work together under xtreme conditions. We require our TeamX members to complete testing, physical activities, and other types of challenges before they are offered an official spot on our team. A team is only as strong as its weakest member, and that’s exactly how we treat the grooming of our talent here at Xtreme Snow Pros.

For more information, or to make a referral today, visit:


Xtreme Snow Pros Attends The 2017 ASCA Executive Summit

We had the pleasure of attending this year’s Accredited Snow Contractors Association Executive Summit, held from August 2 to the 4th at the Grand Summit Hotel in Park City, Utah. Constantly looking for opportunities to learn more about our industry and best snow and ice management practices for clients, the ASCA Executive Summit is always a wealth of information regarding every winter weather management requirement.

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As an annual conference that is focused on the business needs of the snow industry, the ASCA Executive Summit always brings in dynamic speakers to discuss the industry and how participants can improve their respective business operations. This year’s summit addressed the business management topics that every business faces how to better communicate with employees, increase bottom lines, and reach potential customers.

Event Sessions

This year, we had access to high-level education that focused on the economy, sales and marketing, lawsuit and protection, and culture building of the snow and ice removal industries. Sessions we attended included the U.S. Economy and How It Will Impact Small Business, which looked at present and future factors that will have an impact on how we operate in New Jersey and New York; How to Become the Wikipedia of Your Industry to Build Your Brand Business, which looked at building online trust with consumers and how this kind of branding can position a business as the go-to option; Lawsuit Protection for Both Your Personal & Business Assets, which was a hands-on presentation that focused on asset protection for business owners and key employees; and The Practical and Sustainable Way to Build a High-Performance Culture, which taught us how to create the culture we want to have at Xtreme Snow Pros.

In addition to the high-quality talks and workshops, the Executive Summit also hosted Snow Magazine’s annual Leadership Awards and Top 100 ceremony, awards of which Xtreme Snow Pros were able to take home. The awards ceremony recognized snow industry professionals for their leadership within the industry as well as within their own personal organization.

Like every ASCA event, our team was met with an abundance of new information that our executive team is already integrating into our structure. They plan to adopt new management practices and refined equipment for expediting all of our processes this winter.

President of Xtreme Snow Pros, Chris Marino, wins the 2017 Leadership Award from ASCA Executive Summit

It’s been a great month so far for us here at Xtreme Snow Pros. Our President and Chief Visionary, Chris Marino, was the recipient of the 2017 Leadership Award at this year’s ASCA Executive Summit. Held in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 2nd to the 4th, the summit played host to Snow Magazine’s annual Leadership Awards and Top 100 ceremony.

As a nationally regarded player in the greater snow and ice removal industries today, Marino was tapped for his visionary insight that puts Xtreme Snow Pros in one of the most efficient and technologically sound companies in the game.

Marino’s award, the Leadership Award, recognizes a class of snow industry professionals for their leadership not only within the industry but also within their business, as well as the communities they perform their services in. To be considered for the award, the recipient needs to be nominated by a peer.

“As someone who is incredibly passionate about constantly revolutionizing the Xtreme Snow Pros services, oversight, and infrastructure, while also ensuring my employees and clients are treated right every single time, I am incredibly honored to have received this recognition,” said Marino.

Snow Magazine and the ASCA recognized three snow and ice management professionals with Leadership Awards during a special Leadership dinner Thursday night at this year's Executive Summit. Jason Case of Case Snow Management in Attleboro, Mass. and Chris Senske of Senske Lawn & Tree Care in Kennewick, Washington, were also recognized for the award.

The ceremony officially took place at The Grand Summit Hotel in Park City, Utah.

To The Top

Chris Marino, Chief Visionary and President of Xtreme Snow Pros attended the ASCA Executive Summit held in Salt Lake City, Utah earlier this month. While the summit offers further education and networking, it also hosts Snow Magazine’s annual Top 100 ceremony. The Top 100 recognizes the top-performing companies in the snow and ice management industry.

Xtreme Snow Pros is proud to announce that for the fifth consecutive year, the company has moved up their ranking amongst North America’s Top 100 Snow Contractors. The company has not only continued to make the list each year but has improved their ranking, now coming in at #33.


Created from the passion for winter weather and providing a safe environment for their clients and their client’s patrons, Xtreme Snow Pros continues to provide top ranked services to their commercial clientele in New Jersey and New York. With over 30 years of experience, their in depth knowledge ensures client’s snow removal needs are met immediately, safely, and affordably. Their team is ASCA-certified and qualified to assess and remediate any snow or ice condition.

Xtreme Snow Pros’ looks forward to their continued service and dedication to providing their commercial clientele worry-free snow management solutions and next year’s summit where they hope to receive an even better ranking.