SnowEx SL-80SS

SnowEx SL-80SS | $750

SALE #50

SnowEx SL-80SS Sprayer 12 gallon. Electric walk-behind with hand wand stainless steel frame. We have owned it since new and it is hardly used.
SnowEx® push sprayers are completely electric-powered with the ability to spray brine through the spot spraying wand or front boomless nozzle. That means you can make short work of some of the toughest applications, like stairs and sidewalks.
Rechargeable Battery - Powered by a 12 volt electric pump, the sprayer can apply up to 10 full tanks (120 gallon) with a single charge.
Spray Wand - Units are equipped with professional-duty, adjustable spray wands for spot-spraying applications.
Boomless Nozzle - Boomless nozzle can be height adjusted and spray ice melters up to 48 inches wide.
Large Fill Cap - An easily accessible, extra-wide cap allows for quick filling.
Stainless Steel Frame - The SL-80SS features a durable stainless steel frame that enhances corrosion resistance.


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